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Rishton Ka Manjha 8th November 2021 Niharika says has Diya told mummy ji? She looks so upset. Niharika goes in and says mummy ji.. all is done for today. Did Diya say anything? Madhuri says yes. Niharika says don’t trust her. She’s a liar. Madhuri says what lie? Niharika says I.. Madhuri says she asked if I am happy with her or not. Niharika says thank God. But I will still teach her a lesson for making me eat that food.

Madhuri says what does she do to make me happy?? I have told her I will never accept her with badminiton. Niharika says she could say no to Arjun but she went to the academy. Dadi says Madhuri did you eat?? It was so good. Diya made such good food. She proved herself today. Are you happy now? Madhuri says please check this navratri list. Dadi says we will cleberate a lot this time. There’s a new DIL in the house.

Scene 2
Karan calls Tina. He says Tina sounds helpless. Have you given up? She says shut up. He says looks like you are frustrated.. What now? I will kick her out of Arjun’s life. What nowwill kick her out of Arjun’s life. What now? Tina says I will do it. Karan says it’s not that easy. Give her a deep wound that stays. Tina says so you will practice on this tredmill? She sets it with her phone. Tina says now I will tell you what I can do.

Arjun and Diya are doing exercise. He says tredmill now. I am coming back. Tina increases the speed. Diya says what is happening? Why is it so fast? Diya falls. Arjun holds her. He says are you okay? It’s enough for today.

Scene 3
Karan says to Radhu kaka. He says this is Arjun’s wellwisher. He must have invited you to the reception right? I have no problem. Don’t worry. Karan asks his manager to trap him in a fraud.

Arjun calls the owner and says your machine had a fault. It could cause and accident. Replace it. He asks Diya are you okay? Such a small incident scared you? She says don’t joke about me. Anything could happen.

Ddai says don’t tease her. You have made her so tired. She won’t do any training or diet. It’s Durga pooja. Arjun says we can’t miss the training. Dadi says she will do everything. It’s her first navratri. There will be many things in the house. Diya asks Dadi do you celebrate durga pooja this well every year? She says yes. We celebrate it the fullest. Ask Arjun how he has so much fun. Arjun says I used to, not anymore. He leaves.

Scene 4
Arjun is drinking. Diya sees him. Depika comes. She asks what happened? Diya says he’s drinking again. Depika says did something happen? Diya says Dadi spoke about durga pooja. He got upset. Depika says he used to have so much fun on every festival before tha accident. Now he locks himself and drinks. Anyway, maa has called you. She has started the preps. Diya says let me go.

Diya comes to Madhuri you called me for pooja preps? Let me know what to do. I have asked Arjun I won’t practice for next 5 days. Madhuri says I don’t want you to be part of the pooja preps. So you can practice. I don’t want you to be part of the pooja. Diya says but maa. Madhuri says you can go now. Diya cries.

She calls Mira. Mira asks how are you? What are they doing for durga pooja? Mohan says I heard they celebrate it well. Diya says many preps are going on here. I was busy with preps all day. Mira says I am glad Madhuri has accepted you. Mira says Arjun is God’s blessing on you. Take care of him. Diya says yess maa, I will do that. I have to go now. Diya says this time the old Arjun will be back who will celebrate with everyone.


Rishton Ka Manjha 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun says to Diya you should go to your house for navratri. Diya says it’s my first navratri here. I don’t wanna go. Karan says to his manager we have to stop Diya from coming to the camp.

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Telecast Date:8th November 2021
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