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Rishton Ka Manjha 7th October 2021 Arjun sneaks out. Love alerts the security. Arjun says that means everyone found out. What to do now. Arjun sees a watchman. He says I have a bonus for you.

Karan’s manager says Arjun and Diya can’t come. He says Arjun is stubborn. He might come here. Alert the secuirty. The manager says that girl is here to meet you. Arjun wear the gaurd’s uniform. Niharika calls Love and says Arjun ran from the room. Arjun picks a pillar to hide his face. Love says secuirty find out where is Ajrun.

Leave this pillar and find out where is Arjun. The other guard comes and says someone tied a guard in secuirty room. Arjun hieds from there. Love says find him. Arjun sits in tempo and leaves.

Karna says to the player you have to defear Diya. SHe says Diya is out of practice. He says Diya is a genious. He moves and he reason to play are unique. Better be prepared. She says I will be careful.

Scene 2
Arjit and Diya’s wedding starts. Arjun is on his way. He says it’s too late. I don’t know what will happen today. Arjun reaches there. Diya’s rounds are goign on. Arjun sees Arjit. He’s shocked. His friends say we can’t wait. Show your face bhabhi. Arjit can’t wait and so can’t we. Arjun recalls he’s the goon. He says Diya is getting married to this goon? I won’t let her ruin her life. Arjun says stop Diya. Don’t do this wedding. Everyone is shocked. Arjun recalls his fight with Arjit.

Karan calls Tina and says soon you will be Mrs. Arjun Agarwal. She says you were right. Arjun couldn’t be kept away from badminton. Arjun has left the house. Karan is shocked. Tina says I did my best but he ran away. Karan do something please. He says you couldn’t do this? How could he leave? You have ruined my match and your marriage. I will do what you couldn’t. I will get him kicked out and that girl.

Scene 3
Arjun says if I knew you were getting married to this man I won’t have let it come to his day. Her dad says who are you to stop my daughter’s wedding? Arjun says if I see something wrong happening, I would stop it. If it’s about Diya’s life I will stop it. Diya says what are you saying? Her dad says go before I call the police. Arjun says yes call the police. They will tell you reality of this man. He’s a goon.

Arjit’s dad says who is he? How can he say this in front of so many guests? Arjun says Diya if you trust me don’t do this wedding. He doesn’t deserve you. You’re a nice girl. He’s a goon. If I knew you were marrying him I would have stopped you.

Diya’s dad says get out. don’t ruin her life. Arjun says you’re ruining her life by getting Diya married to him.

Scene 3
Sanjev says how long will you wait for Arjun to come back? Love says he took one of the cars. Our driver helped her. Amitabh says they betray us. Madhuri is worried. Amitabh says it’s your fault. Dadi says don’t be mad at her. He isn’t her son alone or her responsibility. Arjun said he will stay here at his wedding time. Wedding time is at 10. There are 3 and a half hours left.

Diya’s dad says I know what’s right and wrong for my daughter. I am her dad not you. Arjun says you can be mistaken too. Her dad says get out. arjun says if you want Diya to have a good life listen to me. He says get out. I won’t listen to anything. I know what’s right and wrong for her. Arjun says you don’t know anything.

I know you love Diya but this society and dignity get over your love. You must be thinking what will people say and question. If you knew about this man would you marry Diya to him? Arjit’s dad says what’s his relationship with Diya? Arjun says don’t need a relationship to stop what’s wrong happening here. Mira says don’t listen to him. Diya has nothing to do with this. Arjun says uncle I am requesting you.. please stop this wedding. Don’t let this happen with Diya. He says you’re wrong not Arjit. Get out.

Arjun says I am not done. Listen to me. I am really sorry but I know after knowing the truth you won’t marry Diya to him. You have to listen to me. You can do anything you want to me but I won’t let Diya marry him. This man is a goon of this area. He hits people for money. He loots people and confiscates their houses. That’s how we met. He were kicking an old couple out of thier house. Remember? Arjit recalls Arjun hit him. Arjun says Diya you were asking me who attacked me.. it was him. His friends and him.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2021
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