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Rishton Ka Manjha 6th November 2021 Amitabh says what will you tell these people now? She has ashamed us. I will kick her out of this house today, even Arjun can’t stop me. Arjun and Diya come with food. Dadi says they’re here. Diya says sorry you had to wait. I was cooking for the first time. She serves them food. Arjun says what happened Mr. Agarwal? Serve the guests. You invited them.

Dadi says let’s go Madhuri. Arjun says to Love go after papa. Diya says thank you. Arjun says you are welcome. Depika asks Diya when did you cook? She says I woke up at 5. Arjun helped me as well. Diya recalls cooking with Arjun. They both cooked together. depika says the kitchen was empty. Diya says I locked it in the store. I tried to call you but Arjun’s food fell in water.

Tina says what does this Diya think of herself? Arjun is always with her. Niharika says don’t worry. We mixed it in the food. They will eat and get sick. Enjoy the drama. The people start eating. Arjun and Diya serve everyone.

Diya says eat well please. A man coughs. Diya says are you okay? Drink water. Is it spicy? Tina smiles. He says no on it’s very tasty. I was eating very quickly. Tina and Niharika ar shocked. Everyone says yes the food is so good. Everyone enjoys the food. Niharika says I did mix it. Tina says not again. She leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Diya comes to Niharika and says bhabhi please eat. See I got you food. Eat and let me know how is it. Staying hungry makes your brain shut down. Niharika eats it. She coughs. Diya says is it fine? Are spices okay? I made the thaali for you with your magic masalas that you mixed. Niharika is shocked. She says what do you mean? Diya says what were you doing in the storeroom with gloves?

Diya saw her coming out of the store. Diya says I thought you went there to help me like you did with the make up. So I checked it. Diya found masala in everything. Diya says when I found out I woke up Bannu. Diya asked Bannu to get more ingredients. Diya ordered the food urgent. They said the shop is closed. Diya requested them. They sent then new food. Diya says they arranged salt but not spices. So I make the paste myself like my mom. Mira guided her on food. Diya says I can’t cook, but the credit goes to my mom. Your food, I made it without any help.

Mira calls Diya. She asks did everything go well? Diya says yes it did. I managed everything. Everyone was very happy. Mira tells Mohan everyone loved the food. Diya says to Niharika sorry, you didn’t like the food? Niharika says just shut up. You think anyone would believe you? Diya says don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. You’re my family.

Scene 3
Diya says to Madhuri sorry I got a bit late. But I did everything right with the ritual, right? Would you accept me? Madhuri says you know I hate badminton yet you went to the academy. You had one chance today to be the DIL house. You lost it. I can’t accept you as the DIL of this house with badminton.

Depika says Diya you didn’t eat yourself. Come eat. Arjun picks the food. Diya says I will eat myself. He says I am showing you the oil. You can swim in it. You won’t eat oily food. Depika says I thought you would make her eat yourself. And you are scolding her. Arjun says don’t be so free. No paratha and oil. Arjun says an no sweets either. I have asked bannu to make your diet food.


Rishton Ka Manjha 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Depika tells Diya before that badminton accident, Arjun used to be the life of every event and festival. But after that, he went away from everything. He locks himself in the room like this.

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Telecast Date:6th November 2021
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