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Rishton Ka Manjha 5th November 2021 Diya says I am so stressed. What will I do? Niharika and Tina come to the store and mix things in the material. Tina says there will be taste in her food.

Amitabh says to Madhuri so you’re making Diya do our rituals? I can never accept her. Madhuri says I know it’s not easy but she’s Arjun’s wife. She’s the DIL of this house. If she learns and accepts our rituals I don’t mind accepting her. But she has to leave badminton. Amitabh says will she leave it? She’s very clever. She will emotionally blackmail Arjun. Give her a chance and see how she is. He leaves.

Scene 2
Niharika mixed sand in all the food. Tina waits outside. Diya is coming there. Diya comes there and says how will I cook? I am so tensed. I have a plan. I have to breathe. I will play badminton and be a good DIL as well.

Niharika tells Tina it’s done. Tina says now they will insult her more.

Scene 3
Diya wakes up at 5 am. She runs to the store.. There’s no food. Diya is shocked. Diya says where did everything go? She goes out. Arju has set up everything already. He says come. You said you have a plan. This was your plan? To wake up at 5. Diya says I have learned time management from someone. He says we have to leave at 9. Let’s start now. Diya says in heart please give me strength God.

Depika asks where is Diya? She says Diya is not in her room. Madhuri says she must be in store room. Depika says she’s not there either. Madhuri says so she chose badminton again? I gave her a chance. She went to the academy? Tina says she left? Ambitabh says are you happy now? I told you. She know she is married to Arjun. She’s Arjun’s wife and she doesn’t care about your acceptance. She only cares about her dream. Niharika says to Tina she ruined it herself. I can’t believe she did it. Bannu says the people are here. Madhuri says I will never forgive you Diya. You don’t deserve this chance.

Scene 4
Diya and Arjun are at the academy. Diya says maa will be really mad. Karan says oh mr and mrs Agarwak. Welcome. He says Diya, did you get time to pratice after becoming a DIL? Your husband has many hopes from you. Arjun says your hope can shatter after Diya wins. Best of luck. Karan leaves. Arjun says don’t worry Diya. Focus here. We will handle whatever happens. Diya says it’s almost 11.

Amitabh says another drama. This house should be named Agarwal circus. What made you trust her? You called 200 people. It’s almost 11. Tell me what to do. Depika says what to tell them? He says can’t even order food for so many people from outside as well. He says take them to the backyard. Tina says Diya did what we had to. Diya says let me call bhabhi. Give me your phone. She drops the phone in water. Arjun says focus here. I will handle everything there. She asks the time. Arjun says 10 minutes in 11.

Depika asks maids to arrange juice for the people. Love says she is doing drama to insult us every day. You take her side. Depika says she hasn’t done this intentionally. I am sure there’s some problem. Tina says this will insult uncle and aunty. I can’t even take her side. She’s wrong. These people came here with hopes. They will be so mad when they find out there’s no food. Love says some people don’t understand.

Dadi says Diya can’t do this. Think about the people. Madhuri says you’re still taking her side? What do you want? I gave her a chance. See what she did. I was idiot to trust her. She broke my trust. She wants to be Arjun’s wife only not our DIL. Love says I spoke to catering people. Niharika says these people will start getting angry. The people say we want the food. AMbitabh says to Madhuri what will you tell them? We didn’t make food after inviting? She has insulted us. I will kick her out of this house today. Even Arjun can’t stop me.

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