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Rishton Ka Manjha 30th September 2021 Arjun is waiting outside Diya’s house. Ajit is leaving with his family but Arjun doesn’t see his face.

An inspector comes to Amitabh’s house and says I am here to ask about Arjun. Amitabh asks if he did something? He says no no.. I am just here to ask about your son. Madhuri says what do you mean? The inspector says he was attacked yesterday by some goons, he denied taking our help but I am here to ask if he was threatened by the goons again? Madhuri is stunned and says Arjun was attacked yesterday? He didn’t tell us anything.

Arjun calls Diya and says I am waiting outside your house and you are not taking my call? Diya says what are you doing outside? I can’t come to meet you. Arjun says then I will come inside. Diya says no no.. what do you want? Arjun says we have to leave for training. Diya says what will I tell my parents? Arjun says that’s your issue, he ends the call. Diya tells Shobha that Arjun is waiting for me so how will I leave?

Shobha asks her to go from the back door, I will handle everyone at the house. Diya thanks her and leaves. Diya comes to Arjun in saree. She says I am climbing walls because of you. Arjun says let’s go for training. Diya tries to hide her band-aid from him. Arjun notices it and says how did you get hurt? Diya says I was cutting veggies but I am fine. Arjun says you should be careful.

Madhuri scolds Deepika for hiding about the attack. Deepika says Arjun stopped me from telling anyone. Amitabh says Deepika did the right thing. He wasn’t very injured, he fights with people in a drunk state so let it be. We have to concentrate on the wedding, he leaves. Tina tells Madhuri that I will take care of Arjun, I met him and he was fine.

Arjun gives his diary to Diya and says this is my training diary. It has all the tips. He says we will train at my house. Diya says what about your wedding? Arjun says your match is more important than my wedding. You should just focus on your training. Let’s meet tomorrow at my sangeet, then we will practice. He starts leaving but winces in pain. Diya asks if he is fine? he nods and leaves.

Scene 2
Madhuri comes to Arjun and asks him to check his clothes for tomorrow’s sangeet. Arjun says I know you got to know about my attack. I am totally fine so don’t worry. Madhuri says you got hurt and I didn’t even know about it? You are hiding things from your own mother now? She cries. Arjun says don’t worry about me.

Arjun sees Diya calling. Madhuri says it must be Tina so take the call. She leaves from there. Arjun takes Diya’s call. She says I wanted to ask something. He says go ahead. Diya says I was reading your diary… how is your wound now? Arjun says I am fine, let’s meet tomorrow. He ends the call.

In the morning, Tina’s sangeet ceremony starts. Amitabh tells his family to make sure everything is on par. Arjun comes there. Madhuri says you look handsome. Arjun smiles. Tina is getting mehndi applied. She sees Diya entering there and hints at Niharika. Tina welcomes Diya. Madhuri glares at Diya. Diya greets her but Madhuri ignores her. Tina tells Diya I am happy to see you here. Thank you for coming.

Niharika says she is here for Arjun. Tina says she is here for me. Diya will write Arjun’s name on my hand today. Diya looks on. She takes the mehndi and writes Arjun’s name on her hand. Arjun sees Diya sitting with Tina and looks on. Diya turns to see him standing there. Arjun goes from there. Diya starts going behind him but Madhuri stops her and says I want to talk to you. Diya looks on.

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