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Rishton Ka Manjha 30th October 2021 Diya asks what happened here? Arjun says let’s see the gifts. He takes out his kurta and says wow this is beautiful. Let tme try. Arjun wears it and says does it look good? It’s so nice. He says let’s take selfie babblu. Babblu brings in Diya. Niharika is leaving. Arjun says Bhabhi.. if clothes gaveyou dignity it won’t be so easy to insult someone. What’s wrong with your fashion sense? These sarees are in trend. I got similar ones for Diya from the designer. High class people give you the cheapest gifts or never give them at all. I’ve never see my family giving gifts. They did it to make us happy.

Mira says my Diya will make her place in everyone’s heart. Mohan says they are all nice people and they’re all your family. Always stand with Arjun. Arjun you always stay with her. Diya says Arjun stood with me going against everyone. I will make a place in everyone’s heart for him. Mira says we are leaving. Arjun says without dinner? Mohan says we had breakfast. Arjun says if you all don’t eat I won’t eat either. Kaka says okay we will stay. Mira says Diya we and you’re so lucky.

Scene 2
Tina calls someone and says when are you reaching? Half an hour? Do as I say. Amitabh uncle would be here in 30 minutes as well. I want to see fear on Madhuri’s face. Niharika says now Arjun finds their cheap gifts good. I told them their place. Tina sasy just chill. Niharika says why are you happy? Tina says Depika and Dadi are planning Arjun’s wedding night. I won’t let that plan. I will show her real place to her. Let Amitabh get home and see the drama. Niharika says Arjun vs dad. Double drama. Tina says no. Important isn’t your dad. It’s that guest who will be here soon. There will be wedding night but separately.

Mira says to Diya don’t take everything on heart. Diya says it isn’t right. Mira says you have to keep trying. Diya says I will try my best. Diya says to Babblu don’t tease ma baba much. He says can’t I come to meet you? Dadi says why can’t you? It’s your heart. You can always come to meet her. DAdi says to Mira sorry I fell asleep. Was tired. Mira says it’s okay. We’re leaving now. They hug Diya and leave. Dadi says Diya come, let’s have dinner. After that no one will get time to have dinner. We have rituals. Dadi says let’s leave the rituals., Depika says yes dadi, everyone’s mood is off already. Depika says Diya after dinner go to Arjun’s room. Diya says his room? She says yes for your wedding night.

Scene 3
Madhuri says to Amitabh you came? He says the business meetings are over. The business and name are destroyed. Tina always wanted good for Arjun. Tina says only good will happen with arjun. She says aunty you matched my kundli with arjun. Diya and Arjun’s kundlis should be matched as well. I sent their details to guru ji.

This is his student. He sent his predictions with him. The man says Guru ji told me everything. Let me explain. Madhuri says please sit. Madhuri says is everything okay? Tina says I think Diya and Arjun should be here. They have to live together. Niharika says let me bring them. Tina says don’t worry aunty. Diya and Arjun are made for each other. Everything will be fine.

Arjun drinks and thinks about what Karan said. Arjun says you’ve broken me so much Karan. I will answer it all back. Diya comes and says what’s all this arjun? You’re drinking? He says yes I am. Diya says why? He says mind your own business. Diya looks away. He says so you got mad? You wanted me to drop your family? Driver is dropping them. Everything is sorted. Diya says nothing is sorted.

I am not mad because you didn’t drop them. Drinking will bend our arms and legs. How will you train me then? He says which science book says that? Did you write it? She says I read it. Diya says stop drinking. She takes the bottle. Arjun says returns my bottle. Diya says no. He says leave it. Diya says I won’t. You leave it. Niharika comes. She says papa ji is calling you both.

Arjun says so you won’t let me go? Diya says I won’t. He says why? Diya says because I am your wife. He says wife? She says yes. You will listen to me. You won’t drink. He says what is tum (you). Say aap (you). She says why? He says I am your husband. What will people think when they see you talking to me like this. But they’re not so conservative. You will call mee aap now. with respect. Come on, touch my feet. Diya is shocked. Arjun says okay don’t. But aap. Diya says tum (you).. I mean aap (you) can’t change the topic like that. He says it’s late. Go and sleep. Diya says no. Leave it. Arjun says what drama is this?

Episode ends.


Rishton Ka Manjha 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Diya says to Arjun I know our wedding happened for badminton only. I will play the match and win it. I will get you out of this darkness as well. For that, I don’t need your permission.

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Telecast Date:30th October 2021
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