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Rishton Ka Manjha 28th October 2021 Karan comes in and says celebration is incomplete without the friend. Niharika says to Tina Arjun saw Diya and saved her. A maid tells them Karan is here. Karan comes in. Tina says to Niharika this will be fun. Karan says how could I come without anything? I came with a gift. State championship’s invitation. I know nothing can be better for you Diya. I hope you will like it.

Diya takes it. Karan says to Arjun you have done so much for her. You will go far ahead in badminton because of him. ou are my friend Arjun. I am happy you are back into badminton because of Diya. And Diya you couldn’t find a better life partner. Who deos marriage for badminton? He will also start his second inning with you. Bandminto world where he was insulted. He’s coming back because of you.

Tina says sorry Madhuri but I had to do this. Arjun says unwanted guests come to get things. What do you want? He says I know this night is special for you. I have a surprise for you. Let’s forget everything. I know you hate me. I miss our friendship. All the practice matches, strategies. Niharika says to Tina what is he doing? Tina says chill.

Lights go off. Arjun says what is this drama? Karan plays Arjun’s match on screen that he lost. People were chanting and protesting against Arjun. Arjun gets angry. The media throws black inck on his face. Madhuri says Arjun are you okay?

He gets a panic attack. Diya says stop it. Karan says stop it. Who played this? Tina says this is planning. Diya gets lights turned on. Karan says I am so sorry Diya. I came to motivate Arjun. He’s making a comeback to badminton. I was compiling his good videos. I don’t know who did this. Karans ays I didn’t come here for this.

Diya says enoygh. We know what you came here for. You think his past is his weakness? So you hurt him with it? You can’t do that. Arjun can never be unfair to badminton. You know who does that? People who lose, like you. You think playing this video will shatter him? Badminton is Arjun’s life. Yes this might hurt him. But you can’t shatter him so easily. On the same screen Arjun’s innocence will play.

That’s my promise to you. Until everything ends it’s not a the end. So thanks for coming but now you may leave. Karan says I understand you’re his wife and you don’t like seeing your husband so hurt. But trust me, that wasn’t my inteiton.

Karan says to Madhur aunty.. you trust me. I didn’t know that drugs video will come in this video. Getting caught and banned because of drugs wasn’t part of this video. I wanted to get him out of all this. Diya is bringing him back to the badminton world. I am very happy for him. So I came to cheer them.

I don’t want this certificae from you. I want to tear it and throw it on your face but I will use it as a weapon against you. I will bring light from badminton in Arjun’s life. The same badminton you used against Arjun.

He leaves. Diya says Arjun, I go tthe certificate. Now we can answer him back. Madhuri says how selfihsh are you? You saw badminton ruined his life. And you still kept this certificate? Arjun says Diya earned this certificate with hard work. Why would she tear it? Madhuri says this girl is using you to fulfill her dreams. I won’t let her do that. She tries to snatch the certificate. Arjun says enough maa. Don’t do this.

Madhuri says you always go against your mom. Arjun says I won’t let you tear this certificate. Madhuri says to Diya you can’t fool me. You can fool my son. I know your reality. I will never accept you as Arjun’s wife. She leaves. Arjun says I am sorry Diya. My past has hurt you as well. Don’t take what maa said on your heart.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2021
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