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Rishton Ka Manjha 19th November 2021 Dadi says my brave daughter. See Mahduri she tried so hard to get the flowers. If it was you or I, we would have given up. Dadi says you have so much courage. This Arjun scolds you for no reason.

Arjun says so she’s daughter now? Ddadi says she’s God’s blessing. Tina says Diya you worked so hard for it. No one else could. Amitabh says she didn’t do an achievement by getting the flowers after ruining them. Arjun says you really can’t digest other people’s appreciation, Diya must have shocked you. Diya faints.

Everyone is worried for her. Arjun says Diya open your eyes.. Diya. Dadi Depika and Madhuri sit with her. Depika says her foot is bleeding. Dadi says she’s bitten by a snake. Madhuri says Arjun pick her please. She’s worried. Madhuri says don’t let her faint. Diya open your eyes. Dadi says Arjun take her to the hospital. Amitabh calls Kush and asks him to come to hospital. Madhuri says maa please save her. She went to get flowers for you.

Scene 2
Arjun brings Diya to the hospital. He says Diya please open your eyes. He tells the doctor she’s bitten by a snake. He says you came here late. The poison is spread. Arjun says I will come with you. Kush says Arjun stay here let them do their work. Arjun says why did they say it got late. Arjun is worried. Kush tries to calm him down. He says calm down. SHe will be fine. Keep praying. Arjun says Diya saved me the first time I met her. I made her life complicated. I wanted to fulfill her dreams. But she was given this pressure to be a good DIL.

Madhuri says it’s Mahatshami. We will all pray for Diya together. Madhuri says we won’t give anjali till Diya ishome. Arjun comes to the temple and says I don’t know how to pray but you can’t do this to me. Diya has faith in you. Amitabh says she’s being treated. We have to complete the pooja. Dadi says she risked her life for our pooja. Have a heart. She’s our responsibility. Ambitabh says she’s Arjun’s responsibikity. He brought her here. Madhuri says this is our house.

Arjun says she says you solve all her problem. So pleae heal her. I can’t see her this way. The nurse says her breaths are losing. The nurse gives her oxygen. Tina says Diya is part of our house. We should wait for her tpo come back home. Madhuri says until Arjun brings her home I won’t give anjali. Nikharika says to Tina she might not live. Snake bite generally kills people.

Scene 3
Kush takes love inside. The nurse says please come in. The doctor says her life is out of danger. Arjun says thank you so much. Kush says you go to her. I will call home. Madhuri cries and says how did this happen. Madhuri says she was so scared of me that she risked her life for the flowers. Was I too harsh to her? Depika says she’s conscious. Kush just called. She will be discharged today. Madhuri says thank God. Dadi says once she comes back we will give mata anjali.

Arjun says see the result of being a hero. I told you to take care of yourself. What if something happened to you. Diya says nothing could happen. You are with me. You give me strength. Did you give ashtami anjali? He says what are you made of? Let it be. You think I would leave you here and give anjali? Kush says no one gave Anjali. They are all waiting for you. The nurse asks how are you? Diya says better. The nurse says take care of her food and sleep. She’s very weak. She says you are discharged now. Arjun says let’s go home. Kush recalls he saw Niharika going outside the room.

Scene 4
Pandit ji says if we don’t do anjali in 30 minutes pooja would be incomplete. DAdi says maa won’t accept our anjali till Diya is here. Amitabh asks Niharika you didn’t know Kush went to get flowers? She says I didn’t know. Kush comes and says I went but I was lucky like Diya so I didn’t get them. Arjun brings Diya home. Dadi says are you okay? Thank God you’re fine. Diya says your prayers were with me. Madhuri comes and says Diya.. Thank God you are fine.

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