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Rishton Ka Manjha 16th November 2021 Arjun says Diya is my responsibility and I know how to handle Karan. Let’s go Diya. He takes her upstairs. Arjun says you won’t talk to anyone in this house. How could he blame you? Diya says it’s okay. He was angry. He says so he would blame you?

Do you have self respect? Don’t talk to anyone in the house. Diya says please calm down. Arjun says I am going to teach Karan a lesson. Diya says no we dont’ have a proof. He will use it agianst us. Arjun says he tried to harm you. Diya says we will answer him at the court. It’s camp today. Don’t misuse your anger. Train me with you anger rather than fighting. I want to defeat him in the car. Be the reason of my win not loss. Arjun says okay then, if you’ve decided, I wont’ back out. I will train you in a way no player has done before.

Scene 2
Tina calls Karan and says what kind of idiot are you. Arjun can get a proof. He will not leave you. Diya got everyone’s sympathies. Tina is angry. She says somehow Diya always gets the sympathy. Niharika says did you know about the plan? I thought you both planned it together. Tina says we have to make a plan that makes Madhuri hate Diya.

Scene 3
Diya says to dadi I got the flowers ready. Dadi says Diya you should take care of the flowers. Madhuri loved seeing Arjun in the pooja. I am sure she’s very happy with you. Keep these flowers safe. They are short in market. It’s your responsibility. Diya says I will be careful. If any flower goes missing pooja won’t happen.

Niharika says to Tina I got the idea. She will lose these flowers. Madhuri would be super mad. Let’s see where she keeps them. Diya keeps the flowers in the temple. Niharika keeps an eye on her.

Scene 4
Amitabh calls Karan and says how dare you send those goons. I don’t like that girl but sending goons here wasn’t okay. Karan says I care about my reputation, why would I do that. Amitabh says if that man takes your name I wont’ leave you. Karan says you can’t blame me without proof. Amitabh says I don’t like that girl anyway and want her out. so do I want badminton out from Arjun’s life. But don’t create more problems for me with such plans.

Arjun takes the phone. He says the disgusting thing you did outside the court wont’ win you match in the court. You are Mr. Agarwal’s friend now. Your company is like you. I would love to see you lose. That’s my promise. Amitabh says Arjun give my phone back. Arjun says don’t teach me manners. You are mannerless. Amitabh says I dont’ like this ill mannered behvaior. I am your dad. Arjun says then you should have protected me instead of ruining my life. my father died when he took my dreams from me. But I won’t let that happen to Diya. I won’t let anyone shatter her dreams. I won’t spare anyone.

Scene 4
Tina says so hungry. She says to Depika don’t tell Arjun I am eating sweets. Arjun comes and takes Diya. He says you won’t eat all this. She says I am hungry. I didn’t eat anything. He says you won’t eat. Arjun says eat on time. She says why aren’t you letting me eat? He says you have to control your diet. Diya says you asked me to eat properly. He says eat on time. You’ve to be fit. Karan will create difficult situation for you in the camp. Diya says I will make myself so tough that Karan can’t beat me.

Niharika goes out to steal the flowers. She says now you see what I do Diya.

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