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Rishton Ka Manjha 15th November 2021 The goon tries to hit Diya. Diya screams Arjun.. The man runs. Diya says someone tried to attack me. He’s in the house. Arjun asks security to shut all the doors. The man asks his friend, she has seen me.

Love says but we only have our friends here. Diya says that man attacked me. He ran there. The servant says someone shut down the main switch. Amitabh says who could dare? Arjun says did you see her face? Diya says I could only see his eyes.

Tina calls Karan and says this was your plan? How stupid are you? You sent your men here? Karan says I asked them to come back. Tina says they failed and now everyone is looking for them. Arjun is very angry. Karan says if Arjun catches them they would take my name. Please do something. Tina says I will try.

Arjun says we have to do this. He asks Diya to look into everyone’s eyes. Diya says it was a man. Arjun says try to identify. Diya doesn’t recognize any of them. Diya sees him. She says it was him. He runs. Arjun runs after him. The goon goes after him. Dadi says who could try to harm our diya? Sit here?

Depika says diya have water. Relax. We will find him. Arjun will catch him. Madhuri says what do guards do. How could anyone come in? Amitabh says anyone can come in the pooja. He says love call the police. He asks all the guests to leave. Dadi says Diya, don’t worry. Madhuri says nothing like this has ever happened before.

Scene 2
The goon calls Karan and says everything was going as per the plan. I am coming to you. Arjun says don’t take my name. Did anyone see you attacking Diya? Go from here. My reputation is in danger because of you. Leave the city. Kaka hears it.

Amitabh asks Diya who was he? What was his name? Dadi says how would she know? SHe is already scared. Amitabh says because she must know. Was it the guy you were marrying before Arjun? Diya says I don’t know who was he. Tina says you are new in this house. Why did he attack you? I know it’s hard.

You can tell us if you’re hiding something. Diya says I don’t know. Amitabh says you must have done something bad to someone. Stop lying. Diya says papa I don’t know who he was. Please trust me. He says you left your husband and married Arjun. I don’t know how many men did you leave before him. You middle class girls can do anything.

Diya says papa please don’t question my character. Madhuri says don’t say allthese things. You can’t question her character. She’s a girl. Dadi says yes. She is the laxmi of this house. Tina says but why was Diya attacked? Madhuri says I don’t know. But if Diya is saying she doesn’t know him we should trust her. Amitabh says why did he attack Diya then?

Arjun comes in and says I will tell you. Because of your thoughts you son went away from you. You are looking for reasons to kick diya out but your dream won’t come true. Because I know who got the attack done. I guessed already but now I am sure. Ramu kaka called Arjun and asked how is diya? He told Arjun everything about Karan talking on call. Arjun says Karan got this attack done. Madhuri says what? How dare.

He sent goons in this house. She asks Amitabh why are you silent now? What will you do to karan now? Amitabh says they must have forced him. Arjun claps and says well done Mr. Agarwal. But I am not surprised. Take your hate glasses off and see who are you supporting. He says Diya you were asking why don’t I call him dad? It’s not his worth. A father protects his family. You have stooped low like Karan Mathur.

Amitabh says enough or.. Arjun says or what? Madhuri says enough. Please stop all this. Diya is in shock and you both are fighting. Stop this craze. Diya is the DIL of this house and a part of this house. I won’t tolerate anyone harming our family. Please do something to that Karan. Arjun says he can’t do anything. I will handle everything. Don’t have any hope from me. Diya is my responsibility. I won’t leave Karan. I know how to deal with him.


Rishton Ka Manjha 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun says I will train you in a way this academy won’t have seen a player like you. Tina says I will make Madhuri hate Diya. Arjun calls Karan and says you are disgusting. You won’t win insdie the court.

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Telecast Date:15th November 2021
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