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Rajjo 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Urvashi saying we don’t do anything, can’t we book the same room, why to waste money. Arjun says done, I will talk later. He asks Rajjo what’s her name.

Rajjo says Rajjo. He scolds her and asks how did you come inside the suitcase, tell me. Rajjo says sorry. She comes out of the suitcase. She falls over him on the bed. Taqdeerein…plays… He gets away. He asks what are you doing here, in my room and in my suitcase, are you dumb or are you stupid, tell me.

Rajjo says you didn’t ask me in hindi, how shall I answer. He asks why are you here. She sits down. He asks her to get away. He gets angry. He asks did I get you here. She says you got me here in a tempo, sit, it’s a long story. He sits and asks her to say now.

She signs him to explain. He asks her to speak. She tells him everything. She says I came here to find Maai, you stopped the tempo, I jumped down, I hid from you, Sheru got after me, so I climbed the wall and got inside the room, I have seen you semi-naked, there was no light, I saw you with your fiancée.

He asks what. She says yes, I was here when you were playing, I had to go, that uncle saw me, then I had to come back, I closed eyes and didn’t see you and Urvashi kissing, I felt asleep and then you found me. He scolds her a lot.

He says so Pushkar was telling me about you, if I hadn’t seen you, then you would have stayed here, what would I tell my parents about you. She gets upset. He insults her. She cries and argues with him. She says Maai also tells right about rich people, they are bad, not every poor person is bad, I was helpless, I came here to find Maai,

I wanted to take your help, I was scared of you, I have no one other than my mum, forgive me if I have done any mistake, I didn’t come to trouble you. She leaves. She runs and jumps down the balcony. He shouts Rajjo and runs after her. He holds her to save. It rains outside. He pulls her stop.

He holds her hand. She says leave me, I m not dying, I m going, don’t act great to save me. He asks are you mad. She says yes, but I m not cunning. He asks her to come inside. She says I m not scared of you, you insulted me, let me go, I won’t come inside. He says I won’t leave your hand and let you go. He pulls her up.

Madhu comes that way. Rajjo asks why did you stop me. He says its late night, I m telling for your safety, you may fall in trouble. Madhu feels knee pain while climbing the stairs. Rajjo tells about wild animals. Arjun says I understood, stop it, my head is aching, just get quiet. She cries. She says we will go and find mum, I have no one except her, if she gets into danger then…

She asks him to help her and find her mum. He says we can’t go at night, everything is closed at this time, we will go in morning. She asks really. He says yes. She praises him for fertilizing everyone’s life. He says wow, I m flattered, stay here tonight, don’t shout. Chirag says Arjun took his medicines in front of me, why would you believe me. Madhu says I believed you, you lost my faith.

He says your face shows that you can’t tolerate me. She scolds him. She says I hate your alcohol addiction, Arjun paid a price for this, you were drunk and raced the bike, you didn’t think of Arjun, you did an accident. He says it happened, I wasn’t too drunk. Madhu says ask Arjun, who ruined his life to save your life,

he gave his kidney for your life, I curse the day when he came here from US for your birthday, his future got ruined, he was doing good work there, he is now on medicines, he is now selling fertilizers here because of you, you have no shame, you still hug, think what Arjun goes through,

just think of yourself, selfish man. She goes crying. He sadly drinks. Rajjo says no one will know that I m here. He climbs the wall. He says I understood, you can do anything, come down.

He says now I understand, from where is this bad smell coming, go and take a bath. She dries the cloth/stole and looks around to spread it. She cries. She goes to the bathroom. She gets surprised. She says such a big bathroom. He throws the cloth/stole in the trash. She takes a bath. Arjun says how will I manage, this foolish girl has no sense, its good she didn’t go to any wrong place. Rajjo shouts to call him.


Rajjo 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo asks for her chunri. She runs to get the chunri. Arjun runs out of the house. Rajjo gets the chunri from the garbage truck.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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