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Rajjo 27th October 2022 Episode starts with Arjun and Rajjo arguing. Madhu narrates the Katha. Rocky sits behind Kalindi and signs her. Pushkar thinks I will not leave Rajjo, but where did she go. Rajjo says I want to save you from all the problems.

Arjun says enough, I didn’t come here to hear your nonsense. She asks what did I steal. He shows the silver bowl and asks what new plan do you have, you are a drama yourself. She asks how dare you think this about me, you have written the blames against me.

She says Urvashi is a cheat, you should see her true face, why can’t you see the truth, how do you make me fall low, think, if I had to steal this silver bowl, then why would I get it here, I would have sold it. He covers her with the saree and goes. She says the day I leave from here, you will cry a lot. Everyone prays.

Chirag sees Arjun and says you made Rajjo cry again, right. Arjun says right. Urvashi sees the kalash. Madhu asks them to do the kalash rituals. Arjun asks Mukund to go and get flowers. Mukund goes.

Pratap says Mukund is changing. Pratap says wives change the men. Pushkar says I also expect this from Chirag. Madhu calls Rajjo. Rajjo comes. Arjun looks at her. Chirag says I regarded her my sister, I won’t like if any guy stares at her. Jhilmil taunts Rajjo. Madhu sees the torn cloth. Arjun recalls the torn sheet.

Jhilmil says Madhu is sharp eyed, she saw the torn cloth. Madhu asks Rajjo to just go and do the work. Urvashi thinks when will this end. The kalash rituals are done. Rajjo says my fast can be left incomplete. She says I have to touch this kalash once, but how. Arjun steps back. The wire gets pulled. The lights flicker.

Kartik asks Sagar to go and see. Rajjo throws a flower at Urvashi. Madhu drops the kalash. Rajjo holds the kalash and smiles. Madhu scolds her. The lights come back. Rajjo says I held this to save the kalash. Jhilmil and Urvashi call Rajjo lying. Madhu asks Rajjo to think well and talk.

Chirag says she is right, she saved the kalash, else it would have been a bad omen. Rajjo gives the kalash to Urvashi and asks her to do the puja now. Chirag asks Arjun what’s this Kumkum on your clothes. Madhu says everything is getting wrong. Chirag and Kartik ask Arjun to go and clean it. Rajjo does the work.

She gives a glass of water to Pushkar. He asks her to go and check the arrangements on the terrace. She says I have checked, everything is fine. Chirag says no need, cooks will handle. Pushkar says but we have to keep an eye on the arrangements, so I asked her to go. Rajjo nods. She says Pushkar asked me to go to terrace and check arrangements. Madhu stops her and asks her to start decorations work.

Rajjo gets dizzy. Jhilmil asks what’s her new drama, she is acting to avoid work. Swara says you did all the work, I didn’t see you eating anything, so you got weakness, have water. Kalindi says we will go and see the moon now. Arjun says I don’t know, what she is doing, did Rajjo dare to keep a fast for me.


Rajjo 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo scolds Urvashi and says I will expose your truth in front of Arjun. Urvashi warns her about the danger. Arjun gets shocked seeing fire.

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Telecast Date:27th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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