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Rajjo 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Urvashi writing wrong answers. Rajjo tells about Arjun’s likes. Swara hears Rajjo saying the right answers. Jhilmil says Urvashi gave all the wrong answers. Swara says but Rajjo gave the right answers, sorry. Mukund says its okay. Arjun asks Rajjo to go and get his phone.

Rajjo falls. Arjun gets away. Rajjo falls in Urvashi’s lap. Urvashi asks her to get aside. Rajjo says everyone got to know, you don’t know Arjun. Arjun asks Rajjo to get up. Urvashi is hurt. Arjun asks did you get much hurt. She says yes. Madhu rings the bell and asks Rajjo to go and get housie.

Rajjo goes to get the box. Arjun asks what are you doing, answer me. She says I came to take housie box. He says you were guessing my likes, you know everything about me. She says yes, I know, you know don’t anything. He says I know about you.

She says you don’t know. They argue. He asks her to get to work, and stay away from him. She says you pulled me. He says don’t think you are here forever. She says I don’t want to. He taunts her for being greedy. He throws the box. He asks her to pick the things and get it, he also wants to play.

He asks Pankhudi to ask Rajjo to come out, they have a new housie game. Madhu says we made the men out of here. Rajjo cleans the floor. Jhilmil says Pratap always keeps a fast for Madhu. Madhu says yes, Kartik used to keep in the beginning. Jhilmil says yes, he used to eat a lot, look at Pankhudi, both her dad and she can’t control on food. Pakhudi says food is my first love. They laugh. She asks them to play housie, the winner will get a big amount. Everyone claps.

Urvashi says if everyone is playing, then who will tell the housie number. Madhu says I will call Arjun. Urvashi says no, we will call my uncles. Jhilmil says explain them to say the answers well. Kalindi and Rajjo act and go from there. Rajjo says its Urvashi’s plan. Kalindi says yes, so she involved her fake uncles, but I will be busy in game, catch their fraud, I m with you, don’t worry. She goes.

Rajjo says I will keep an eye on Urvashi now. The men see the cash kept. He says we shall start the game. The man clicks the pic of the ticket and gives it to Urvashi. Urvashi says yes, my first number got cut. Rajjo turns to see. Urvashi gets winning. Rajjo sees the cheating going on. Madhu says it means my bahu will get the shagun,

everyone will lose. Rajjo thinks I won’t let Urvashi win. Rajjo signs Kalindi. She pricks Urvashi. Urvashi drops her ticket. Kalindi changes the ticket. The man tells the next number. She shouts I won. Everyone smiles. Kalindi dances. Urvashi asks how.

Jhilmil says your bahu will win, see she won. Madhu smiles. Kalindi says I won, Urvashi. She hugs Madhu and Jhilmil. Madhu says I will give a party to everyone today. Urvashi says we lost the money. The man asks how did this happen, you ruined it, we want money till night. Rajjo shows the scissor and smiles. Urvashi goes to slap her. Rajjo throws soap water on her face. Urvashi says you cheated me,

how dare Kalindi take my ticket. Rajjo says no, I made you lose. She taunts Urvashi. Arjun looks for Urvashi. Urvashi says no one got to know anything till now, I m just thinking of Arjun today on Karwachauth, what happened, did you feel bad, Arjun will break my fast today, he will give me his wife’s status and give me anything I want as a gift. They see Arjun.


Rajjo 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo scolds Urvashi. Urvashi warns her about the danger. Arjun gets shocked seeing fire.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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