Rajjo 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Rajjo recalling Arjun’s words. She runs and gets her chunri. She checks the cheque. She says thanks, you have supported me again. Arjun gets the bank message.

He goes to Urvashi and says I got a bank message, she encashed the cheque, I asked her to leave from my life, she took the money, this matter will solve soon. She says she isn’t innocent, you didn’t get rid of her so easily.

She cries. He asks her to stop crying. He gives her the glass of juice. He thinks she is right, Rajjo has made my family cry, I accept this loss to get rid of Rajjo. He prays. Rajjo comes home. Arjun sees her and gets angry.

He asks why did you come back here. He says bank has messaged me, I won’t come in your words, you took the money. She says Maai.. He says don’t cry about Maai, I won’t repeat my mistake, I don’t want to listen to you, go to fool someone else, get lost. He says you will call Urvashi a fraud and I will believe you, you think so,

Urvashi will not go anywhere, she will stay here, she has full right on this house. Rajjo cries. She says I will not step out of this step, because I m your wife and this is my Sasural, your brother has told everyone that we have to believe this marriage as valid, you have to stay with me for some months, you remember, right, I would have made a video. She taunts Urvashi. She says I m your wife,

Rajjo Singh Thakur, I will do anything but not go out of this house. She shuts the door. Arjun says you have to leave, did you understand. She says you can force me and see, I will get everyone here and create a scene. Urvashi looks on. They argue.

Rajjo says I don’t need to tell you anything. He says you have to say, I will regard this marriage valid until we find a solution, you understood everything what Chirag told you, tell me what all you know. Rajjo says get away, I have to reach my room. He stares at her. She goes to the storeroom.

She sits crying. She says I hate myself by hurting your heart. Pratap and everyone discuss about Rajjo. Chirag asks Mukund not to taunt, try to do something to solve the problem. Mukund argues and says Chirag is asking me to stay in limits. They all argue. Rajjo looks on. Urvashi says you are the reason for this. Rajjo says I have to play a game with you. She scares Urvashi. She says I m the champion of this game.

Arjun says you can’t stay with me, I m tolerating you with my rules. Rajjo says we will decide the rules. Arjun says you won’t tell anyone about our marriage. She keeps a condition.


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