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Rajjo 14th October 2022 Episode starts with Mannu scolding Pushkar. She says I was scared of you and didn’t let my daughter dream, I was scared that she can reach the sports academy and meet an evil man like you, I was wrong, I know Rajjo’s fate isn’t like me, she will not let anyone like him. He asks will Rajjo get Arjun.

She says yes, I pray that she gets someone like Arjun. He asks her to dream. She says I will tell Rajjo about you and then entire Thakur family, then your wife and legitimate children, I will tell your evil truth, you attacked me, I tolerated, but I don’t tolerate your attack on my daughter, be ready, Urvashi and you will get exposed.

Rajjo comes there. Mannu smiles seeing her. Pushkar knocks down Mannu by his car and leaves. Rajjo looks on shocked and runs to Mannu. She shouts for help. She says we will go to hospital. Mannu says don’t get scared, Rajjo, fight for your right.

She asks someone to help. The men come and help Rajjo. Chirag comes to Arjun. Arjun asks is mum fine. Chirag says no. He sees Arjun’s hand bruised and cares for him. Arjun says Rajjo has hurt me a lot. Chirag says she could have trapped you in love if she wanted money, if she was bad, then Rajjo and Vicky would have planned against you,

you don’t understand. Arjun says who knows, maybe they thought to loot me alone, she broke my trust, she broke my self confidence, I feel I know the people well or not, she blamed Urvashi. Chirag says I know she did wrong, Urvashi’s family is rich, we know them since years. Arjun says Rajjo is wrong.

Chirag says we will figure out what to do, but this marriage, will she come to end this relation, or run away with money. Arjun says it means she didn’t value the money, I will marry Urvashi and make mum smile, there is just one thing for Rajjo in my life, that’s hatred, you can see how I do that. Chirag takes care of his hand. Rajjo admits Mannu in the hospital. Doctor checks Mannu.

Rajjo says Maai, you will be fine. She asks doctor to save Rajjo. She goes out and worries. Urvashi and her parents have a talk. Her mum says its Urvashi’s mistake, she didn’t control him. Urvashi says leave this house, this is the only way now. Inspector asks Rajjo to think well. Rajjo says it happened in a fraction of second, a big car hit mum,

I didn’t see who was driving it, it was black car. He asks the car number, or some sign. She recalls and says yes, I had seen some chess sign on it. He says sticker cars will be many, its tough to catch the man, there is no cctv footage, tell us if you remember anything. He goes.

Jhilmil complains of a headache. Urvashi and her parents come downstairs. Madhu asks what’s all this, where are you going. Urvashi’s mum says we stayed here since many days, but we are not shameless to stay here, after all that happened with our daughter. Madhu says no, what shall I say, think of Urvashi once.

Pratap says she looks in shock. Urvashi’s mum says its written in her fate, her wound is fresh, it will heal with time, you all stay happy. Urvashi’s mum and dad say no one is stopping us. Urvashi acts dizzy. Arjun says please don’t take her, I won’t let you go, I can request you. Everyone stops Urvashi and her parents.

Urvashi’s mum asks Madhu to take care of Urvashi. She asks Arjun to take care of her and not break her heart again. Arjun says don’t worry, I will take care of her. Urvashi hugs her mum and smiles. Doctor asks Rajjo to get 3.5 lakhs for her mum’s operation. She says I don’t have any money. Kaka says I will arrange money, let me help,

Vicky already did much wrong, we have to get help for Mannu. Doctor says I can give you 5 to 10 thousand concession, don’t get late. Rajjo sees Mannu and asks her not to lose. She says I will get money, I will do anything for you. She thinks I can’t call Arjun, what shall I do.


Rajjo 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo tears the cheque. She argues with Arjun. He says you can’t stay with me. He scolds her. They decide the rules and the limits.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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