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Rajjo 11th October 2022 Episode starts with Rajjo seeing Urvashi and her dad. Urvashi gets Madhu’s call and lies to her. She says thank God, Madhu didn’t doubt me, we got bankrupt due to your bad habits, can’t you wait until my marriage with Arjun.

Her dad says money lenders aren’t waiting, give me the necklace which Madhu gave you, I will sell it. Urvashi gives it. She says I m marrying Arjun, it’s a part of my plan, he is rich, he has much money, so I have trapped him. Rajjo is shocked. Urvashi says you and mom have do this, I will take Arjun to US, its okay if he names everything to us, he has money and looks also.

Her dad asks if he doesn’t agree then… She says he will suffer, I will falsely blame him for domestic violence and he will be trapped there, his family will be in trouble, Madhu can’t bear this shock, they all will try a lot, but they can’t make me lose, I will keep the condition, that they have to give me everything if they want Arjun freed. Her dad asks can you do this with Arjun, you say you love him.

Urvashi says I want revenge, he insulted me by getting mad for Rajjo, I will ruin his life, have patience, don’t do anything for some days, mom would have kept a fake necklace ready. He thanks her. She says you spend money after three months, no one should know about our plan. A guy comes. Urvashi’s dad gives the necklace to him. FB ends. Arjun asks Rajjo what does she want to say. Pushkar says she has nothing to say.

Arjun says I have a request, I want to talk to Rajjo in private, please. He takes Rajjo with him. Madhu gets angry. Arjun asks what happened, did anyone scare you, did Vicky come back, what happened, you don’t worry, I will handle everything, tell me the matter, I know you won’t break the promise, what is the reason. Rajjo recalls telling Mannu that she has to tell the truth to Arjun.

Mannu says its not right, they won’t believe you, don’t go there. Rajjo says let me go, I know Arjun trusts me. She runs. FB ends. Rajjo says you were saying right, I don’t break promise, you didn’t marry me for real, no one was listening to me and stopping the marriage, so I said that. He asks why did you stop the marriage, why did you do this with Urvashi. She says she isn’t a right girl, if I don’t tell her truth then your life will get ruined, Urvashi and her parents are cheating you,

I heard you telling her dad that she will get all your property, she said she will file a case against you for domestic violence, her dad sold the necklace, she is wearing fake necklace now, she is disgusting, she is another Vicky. He says shut up, not a word against Urvashi. She says she is poisonous. He asks her to shut up.

He says you know my family knows Urvashi’s family since years, Urvashi is equally rich like me, I couldn’t think you will do this, you broke your promise, I worried for you, you blamed Urvashi, you have sworn on Mannu. He scolds her. She says you are good so… He says so I get cheated by people like you,

good people have a bad habit that they trust anyone, I got insulted in front of all the guests and my would be wife, you have no right to ashame Urvashi and accuse her, she is better than you in everything, looks, status and money, look where you stand. Rajjo cries. Arjun scolds her. He goes.

She says I will save you from Urvashi, its my promise to myself. Everyone is worried. Arjun comes downstairs. Rajjo also comes. Madhu asks Arjun what did he decide. Arjun says Rajjo will leave from here forever. Pushkar asks Rajjo to get out of here. Chirag says we shall know the truth. Arjun says her words are meaningless. Urvashi says she is a cheat. Arjun asks Rajjo to leave.

Rajjo says check Urvashi’s necklace once, the truth will come out, this necklace is fake. Everyone is shocked. Rajjo says just once, its my last wish. Urvashi says no one will touch my neck. Arjun asks her to give the necklace. Urvashi and her parents worry. Urvashi asks are you mad, your mom gave me this necklace as shagun. He asks her to give the necklace. Madhu says Rajjo is a liar. Arjun says Rajjo said Urvashi is a liar, she is marrying me for money, she will ruin me if I don’t listen to her. Urvashi thinks how did she know my planning.


Rajjo 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mannu meets with an accident. Rajjo shouts Maai. Mannu asks Rajjo to never lose. Arjun scolds Rajjo. He gives her a cheque and asks her to leave. Rajjo tears the cheque. She says I don’t want your money, I want to make a deal with you, will you accept.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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