RadhaKrishn 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 8th October 2022 Rahu and Ketu call navagrahas/9 planets to stop Krishna from meetinng Radha. Navagrahas refuse to help them. Rahu and Ketu trap them and force them to obey them.

Shukracharya warns them that if they wanted to be freed, they should help Rahu and Ketu create kaal sarpa yoga in Krishna’s kundali. Krishna reaches near Radha. Navagrahas helplessly obey Rahu and Ketu and create kaal sarpa yoga in Krishna’s kundali. Krishna calls Radha. Radha hears him.

Krishna heads towards Radha when kaal sarpa yoga throws fire in front of him blocking his way. Balram asks what is happening. Krishna says whatever he feared is happening, Rahu and Ketu created kaal sarpa yoga in his kundali to stop him from meeting Radha.

Balram asks him to break this illusion and meet Radha. Shukracharya and asks Rahu and Ketu what if Krishna breaks the illusion. Krishna says he can’t break kaal sarpa yoga. Shukracharya laughs.

Balram tries to break the illusion, but fails. Radha heads towards Krishna. Devi Gauri and other women try to stop her. Rahu sends Radha to an undisclosed place via his magic. Shukracharya laughs seeing that. Saambh asks Krishna if they cannont break the illusion and meet their wives again.

Krishna says there is only 1 solution for it, that is love and hopes Radha understands it within time. Radha says someone is purposefully trying to stop them from meeting their dear ones, they will destroy the illusion and even the culprit. Shukracharya says Radha doesn’t know that Radha’s anger will create more problem for her. Radha and Devi Gauri try to break the barrier and fail.

Shukracharya and Rahu Ketu laugh seeing the women failing. Radha says she will continue break the illusion until her last breath and fails again. She blames herself for the problem misunderstanding Krishna.

She says she shouldn’t have left Krishna at all and apologizes Devi Gauri and other ladies for misleading them. Devi Gauri says even she made mistake of misunderstanding Mahadev and this all happened because of Apasmar who affected their thing with his negative illusion, but Mahadev killed Apasmar in his Nataraj form. Shw says men tried their best to find them and are still fighting, even they should fight. Radha asks with whom. Devi Gauri says Rahu and Ketu.

Shukracharya says they should fight with women and also weaken Krishna’s powers. Krishna senses trouble and asks everyone to return to Dwarka palace. Radha tells Devi Gauri that there must be some solution to end Rahu Ketu’s illusion.

Rahu creates a screen in front of women and show them how men are suffering. Krishna sends his sudharshan chakra as a shield and protects men for sometime. Rahu breaks the barrier. Balram says they will return to Dwarka only with women. Krishna says only a power of love can defeat Rahu Ketu and only Radha can do this.


RadhaKrishn 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balram with other men leaves Krishna alone.Rahu says this is the best chance to end Krishna and attacks him. Radha gets worried for Krishna.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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