RadhaKrishn 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

RadhaKrishn 8th August 2022 Bhargavi thinks she cannot question Srinivas’ love for her. Srinivas takes oath on Agnidev that he will prove his love for Bhargavi.

Bhargavi thinks if Shankar doesn’t bring wealth by tomorrow afternoon, Aayi will force Gauri to marry someone else. She prays Mahadev to help Shankar fulfill his challenge and marry Gauri. Vinayak looks at the wealth gifted by Vasu and thinks he will return home soon and marry Gauri.

Rishi Bhrigu wakes up Govindraj and shows that Vasu has already left. Govindraj says Vasu was here last night. Bhrigu says he told him to spy on Vasu when he is busy in his brahmamuhurath prayers.

Govindraj says he was spying on Vasu, but feel asleep somehow; he will search for Vasu as Vasu must not have gone far away. Bhrigu says they will wait here itself for Vasu as he is sure Vasu will find and bring Bhargavi here.

Bhargavi notices wedding mandap being prepared for the wedding. Aayi’s servant tells his colleagues that Aayi ordered to finish the mandap decoration by afternoon for Gauri and Alok’s wedding on time. Bhargavi gets tensed hearing that.

Padmavati tells Srinivas that she saw a dream of them reaching the palace and enjoying there. Srinivas thinks he needs to meet Bhargavi as soon as possible.

Bhargavi thinks how to shall she convince Aayi for Gauri and Shankar’s wedding. Alok as a groom enters with his family and takes Aayi’s blessings. His mother says they brought haldi/turmeric for Gauri. Aayi welcomes them in. Gauri’s mother brings her for the ritual. Gauri sits crying. Mother asks Aayi to perform the ritual first. Aayi asks where is Bhargavi, let her also feel happy seeing Gauri’s ritual.

Vasu questions Shankar who informs that Bhargavi was helping him marry Gauri. He thinks if he gets Shankar and Gauri married, he can fool villagers and force them to marry Bhargavi to him. Bhargavi asks Aayi not to humiliate her again. Aayi says she is inviting her instead to participate in Bhargavi and Alok’s wedding rituals.

Bhargavi pleads her to give Shankar some time to gather wealth. Aayi refuses and says let Shhankar know that Alok is the best match for Gauri. She performs haldi ritual on Gauri asks everyone to continue.

Bharavi imagines Srinivas who promises that love will win today for sure. She assures Gauri not to worry as her love will win today. Next prewedding ritual starts. Bhargavi prays Narayan to help her keep her promise. Shankar returns with wealth followed by Vasu. Bhargavi gets tensed seeing Vasu.

Shankar offers wealth to Aayi. Aayi is shocked and asks if he stole them. Vasu says Shankar earned them with his intelligence. Aayi says they will weigh both Shankar and Alok’s wealth and whoever is more wealthy will marry Alok. Bhargavi prays Narayan again.


RadhaKrishn 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhragavi tells Vasu that Srinivas truly loves her. Vasu says if Srinivas truly loves her, he wouldn’t have married Padmavati the same night Bhargavi left Venkatgiri. Srinivas thinks Vasu is very cunning and evil, he will punish Vasu.

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Telecast Date:8th August 2022
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