RadhaKrishn 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 4th November 2021 Radha complains Krishna that he always plays with his peacock feather. Krishna tells Radha that he never plays with his peacock feather. She gets confused and says let us finish pooja. He looks at her with love.

She asks what happened, why is looking at her as if he is meeting her after a long time, he said he doesn’t remember govardhan mountain story. He says it doesn’t matter what he did or remembers, its important what Radha saw and thinks. She takes him along for pooja.

Shukracharya performs havan with Shalv and tells him that his own student Kaptasur disobeyed him and created hurdles in his way. Kaptasur emerges. Shalv gets angry on him for increasing Dwarka’s security. Kaptasur says he did it as he found out that Krishna is hiding in Dwarka and signaled Shalv to be alert.

Shukracharya asks if he lying and tricking them. Kaptasur says he will never betray his boss and says he found out one more secret of Dwarka that Radha is more important than Krishna in Dwarka and he has a plan for which he needs Shalv’s pushpavimaan. Shukracharya says Mahadev’s pushpavimaan cannot be given to anyone easily. Kaptasur says he is not seeking pushpavimaan for his pleasure, Shalv’s plan will be ruined if he doesn’t reach Dwarka on time. Shalv gives him pushpavimaan.

Radha takes Krishna to sabha/courtyard where everyone are waiting for them. Revati asks Radha to unveil a painting she was making. Radha unveils painting and reveals painting of Krishna lifting govardhan and says she felt of gifting this to Krishna during his occasion. Balram says he can imagine that even seeing this picture. Krishna announces that even this painting will be kept for pooja whenever govardhan story is described.

Radha says she just wanted to gift this painting to him. He says just like bansuri and peacock feather, this picture also depicts their love and it reminds of an event when devraj Indra accepted defeat seeing their love for Barsana and its citizens. Balram asks Krishna to start govardhan story. Krishna says Radha will describe her experience instead.

Radha starts describing govardhan story. Kaptasur reaches Dwarka on pushpavimaan and hearing Radha thinks he can hypnotize Radha now in his love. Radha finishes story and asks Krishna to explain its meaning. Krishna says just like Brahma is incomplete without Saraswati, Narayan is incomplete without Laxmi, Mahadev is incomplete without Gauri, Krishna is complete without Rdha.

He continues his long explanation says this story depicts that together with unity they can face any problem. Radha says she prepared prasad for him. Rukmini asks Radha to serve prasad to Krishna and then to all citizens. Radha says she prepared kheer for him. He says he doesn’t have prasad, but bhog from Radha’s hands.

Radha feeds him, and he denies to give remaining kheer and presents prasad made by himself. Kaptasur continuing to fly on pushpakvimaan thinks he will start his love with Radha with govardhan story. Krishna thinks it will be his end instead.


RadhaKrishn 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha asks Kaptasur to play a music which is in their mind. He fails. She thinks he can’t be her Krishna.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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