RadhaKrishn 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 3rd January 2022 Radha tries to console Rukmini. Rukmini remembers Radha assuring her that nothing will happen to any warriors and warns Radha to dare not touch her again as she hates her.

Guard informs Krishna that Pradyumna’s dead body returned to Dwarka. Rukmini and others rush out to see Pradyumna while Krishna stands silently. Radha confronts Krishna for misusing her love and making Rukmini and others believe to trust Krishna. Krishna stands crying.

Rukmin walks to Pradyumna’s dead body with trembling feet and shatters unveiling his face. Revati, Laxmana, and other walk in behind her. Krishna walks in next. Rukmini pleads him to use his powers and relive Pradyumna. He says he can’t. She asks how can’t he when Shukracharya can kill Pradyumna, he is Sri Krishna and can do anything. Krishna says he cannot go against sanatan dharma.

She says her son is too young to die and continues pleading him. Krishna asks her to control herself and think of each soldier’s mother who lost her son. Rukmini asks how can Pradyumna be a weak link when he took Krishna’s blessings while Saambh didn’t and falls on Pradyumna’s chest.

Revati asks to answer Rukmini’s question. Krishna says cannot escape death with just his blessings, Saambh decided to sacrifice himself and became a strong link instead, Pradyumna on the other side believed in only karma and not sacrifice and became a weak link.

Subhadra asks how can he say this in front of everyone and asks him to fight for them and defeat Shalv. Laxmana demands same. Balram with his team bravely fights with Shalv’s army. Shalv tells Shukracharya its time to leave as Pradyumna is dead. Shukracharya says he still has chal astra left.

Shalv asks if he should attack Balram, Nishat, or Saambh. Shukracharya says he should attack Radha to weaken Krishna completely and then kill him. He orders him to continue fighting with others till Radha enters battlefield, then he can attack Radha with chal astra and win a battle. Radha continues to confront Krishna.

Krishna tries to console Radha and says he needs peace now. Radha determines to fight in battlefield and get justice for Pradyumna if Krishna doesn’t. Krishna gets concerned and thinks he never saw Radha so furious.


RadhaKrishn 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rukmini confronts Radha that they made a big mistake to trust her and ask her to leave. Radha agrees to leave Dwarka and Krishna.

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Telecast Date:3rd January 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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