RadhaKrishn 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhargavi prays Narayan that she kept food aside for Srinivas before consuming food and hopes Srinivas must have finished his food. Padmavati feeds Srinivas and says its the first day for them post marriage and she is happy to feed him from her hands. Srinivas says his heart is not yet satisfied.

Padmavati wsaysd she she will bring him more food then. Srinivas says her food will not satisfy him. Bhargavi recalls Srinivas telling that his hunger can be satisfied only by sharing a bite with person whom he lost most. They both miss each other and recall the quality time they spent together.

Bhrahmins discuss that with Bhrigu’s pooja, a big trouble on them is cleared. Bhrigu notices Vasu spying on him and asks him reason. Vasu says if he a divine saint who can forsee everyone’s future and past, then why can’t he find out where his daughter is. Bhrigu says he really doesn’t know where Bhargavi is.

Srinivas finishes food kept by Bhargavi via telepathy. Bhargavi returns and is amazed to see the food disappeared. She thanks Narayan. Bhrigu asks Vasu to stop following Bhargavi as he doesn’t know who she really is or else he would be in a big trouble. Vasu asks what else he has to face than facing humiliation from his people after Bhargavi rejected him and eloped somewhere.

Bhrigu ges angry and warns him to dare not speak ill about his daughter and picks water to curse him, but stops recalling Srinvias’ words that he is facing consequences of his curse. He warns Vasu to stop searching for Bhargavi or else he will have to bear punishment. Vasu determines to find Bhargavi.

Vidya’s father visits Bhrigu and pleads him to help him monetarily for Vidya’s marriage as King refused to help him saying brahmins are a burden on his kingdom and even Vasu took back the money he gave.

Bhrigu gets angvry on Vasu and determines to punish him, but Khyati stops him and says he should concentrate on Vidya’s marriage first and give the dakshina/fees he received from Akash. Bhrigu gives money bag to Vidya’s father and asks him to complete Vidya’s wedding. He then cries recalling Bhargavi.

Bhrigu and Khyati visit Vidya’s wedding and praise decoration. Vidya thanks Bhrigu for helping her family and misses Bhargavi.

Bhrigu asks him not to cry remembering Bhargavi. Srinivas recalls Devi Laxmi’s curse on Bhrigu that brahmins will never get wealth and says its time to fulfill that curse. Vidya’s baraat comes, and the groom tongue lashes Bhrigu seeing ruined wedding hall that it looks like they came to a crematorium.

Precap: Vasu determines to find Bhargavi and take revenge from Bhargavi. Srinivas thinks nobody can harm Bhargavi. Padmavati thinks she will make sure nobody interferes between her and Srinivas.


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