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RadhaKrishn 2nd August 2022 Srinivas asks Govindraj to accompany a person in search of Bhargavi. Govindraj asks who is that person. Bhrigu feels disheartened recalling Vidya’s fiance and brahmin community’s bitter words for him.

Govindraj walks to him. Bhrigu asks if there is any problem in the palace again. Srinivas says he heard Bhrigu with Vasu is going in search of Bhargavi. Bhrigu asks him to accompany them. Govindraj agrees and thinks Srinivas is always right.

Bhargavi walks under scorching sun. Srinivas covers her with a cloud. Bhargavi searches for Usha everywhere and sits under a tree. Srinivas thinks its a difficult task for Bhargavi, but she will not accept defeat.

Bhargavi thinks where will she find Uma. Srinivas thiks Bhargavi will meet Uma for sure and plays shank/sea shell. Bhargavi follows its voice and reaches Uma’s house. Uma rudely asks her to leave as pooja is starting soon. Bhargavi feels disheartened and thinks she made a mistake to think Usha is a kind-hearted girl.

Bhrigu and Govindraj spy on Padmavati’s spies who discuss that Padmavati ordered them to inform her first about Bhargavi’s location in exchange of gold coins. The leader Shambu tells his team that they need to keep Bhargavi’s trust. Vasu looks at the map with Bala and says they will search for Bhargavi in the north direction.

He orders soldiers to spread in different directions tomorrow and inform him first if get Bhargavi’s information. Govindraj tells Bhrigu that his prediction was right that they will stay in that place tonight, so he will light a bonfire as its getting cold. Bhrigu stops him and says they will find us out if we light bonfire.

Bhargavi looks at Narayan’s idol and thinks she is looking at Srinivas. She applies kumkum on the idol’s feet. Srinivas’ foot soles turn red. He throws kumkum on the floor, draws Bhargavi’s portrait in it, and thinks her image is always in his eyes.

Usha walks to Bhargavi with food and apologizes for misbehaving with her. Bhargavi says she doesn’t want to talk to her as she pained her heart. Usha asks her to listen t to her why she misbeahved with her and calls her elder sister Gauri.

Gauri apologizes Bhargavi for Uma’s misbehavior as they both are servants in a house and couldn’t speak to her. She recalls how the house owner lady humiliated while performing pooja.

Owner plays shank during pooja and hearing Bhargavi knocking the door orders them to go and check. Uma notices Bhargavi and misbehaves with her. Bhargavi asks why are they bearing owner’s atrocity and where are their parents. Srinivas thinks these girls would be helpful to Bharagavi.


RadhaKrishn 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vasu learns that Bhargavi is staying in Karveerpur’s old temple and heads towards it. Srinivas thinks he will meet Bhargavi soon.Padmavathi thinks Srinivas belongs to only her and she will not Bhargavi interfere between them.

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Telecast Date:2nd August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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