RadhaKrishn 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

RadhaKrishn 29th October 2021 Radha with Krishna walks to Balram and tells him that his Krishna has come. Balram asks where is Krishna. Radha realizes its her imagination. He asks her to go and rest while he searches Krishna. Nishant informs him that Krishna has returned. Balram asks if everyone is imagining Krishna.

Nishant says he can come and see himself. Kaptasur disgusied as Krishna walks in. Everyone greet him. Kaptasur notices Balram. Balram asks where was he as they have a new trouble. Kaptasur says he knows about Shukracharya and Shalv’s conspiracy, they cannot do anything Shalv as Mahadev’s blessings. Balram says he cannot be so unconcerned and has to do something.

Kaptasur says he cannot thinks anything at this time and wants to rest. He then walks to Radha remembering Shukarcharya describing her beauty thinking once he convinces her, its easy to convince whole Dwarka. Radha shows her anger. He apologizes her for leaving uninformed. She calms down. He walks casually. Balram thinks how can be Krishna so carefree.

Shalv boasts about his army power. Shukdracharya enters creating a tremor in his palace. Shalv gets angry and warns who is it. Shukracharya emerges and says he got afraid with just a small demonstration of his power, they need to find Krishna and captivate him first. Shalv asks how will he. Shukracharya says he can time travel and will search Krishna in each atom of the universe. Devi Gauri gets worried for Krishna seeing Shalv and Shukracharya’s plan. Mahadev tries to calm her down.

Kaptasur in Krishna’s room breaks peacock feather thinking he will break Dwarka into pieces like this. Jamvati enters and holding his feet pleads to free Sam of his curse. He remembers Shukracharya describing about Durvasa cursing Sam and says Sam is bearing punishment for his sins, so he can’t do anything.

Radha walks in and says he cannot be her Krishna. Kaptasur gets tensed. Radha says Krishna is always worried for his family and protects them, he has to help Sam. Kaptasur agrees and walks away with Jamvati. Radha notices broken peacock feather and gets tensed. Saambh writhes in pregnancy related pain and pleads Laxmana for help. Kaptasur walks in with Radha and Jamvati.

Saambh requests him to free him of his pain. Kaptasur hypnotizes him and makes him asleep. Jamvati thanks him. Kaptasur says he did it for Radha. Radha thanks him. He thinks he will rule on Krishna’s Radha and Dwarka now.


RadhaKrishn 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kaptasur tries to impress Radha. Krishna disguised walks into Dwarka.

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Telecast Date:29th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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