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RadhaKrishn 19th October 2022 Radha addersses Shankachur that Krishna made her queen of all Gopis and she assures that Gopis will listen to her. Gopis thinks how can Radha easily give up. Shankachur asks Gopis if Radha is their queen and will they accept her decision. Gopis agree and say they will follow Radha’s advice.

Balram asks Radha to think once before making any decision. Radha says that is the only way to get Gopis back. Devi Parvati asks Mahadev if Radha will really accept that she loves Shankachur and he is the most handsome man in all 3 worlds. Mahadev says lets wait and watch.

Radha says she took a decision after much thought and is waiting for Shankachur to visit her. Krishna walks in and asks Radha if she doesn’t love him. Radha stands silent looking into his eyes. Devi Parvati says its difficult for anyone to deny their love for Krishna looking into his eyes.

Mahadev says let us see if Radha will be lost in Krishna’s love or will wait for Shankachur. Radha thinks she can’t get lost into Krishna’s eyes, says she will go somewhere else and wait for Krishna. Rukmini says they can’t leave her alone. Radha requests them to leave her alone and walks away.

Shankachur gets ready to meet Radha and thinks he will give a special gift to Radha and make her feel special and really a queen. He thinks if Radha really falls in his love after accepting his gift, he will propose her to marry him. Rishi Shankracharya emerges and warns him to be careful as Radha is innocent and would do anything to free Gopis, but Krishna is very intelligent and wouldn’t let that happen.

Shankachur asks what shall he do. Shankracharya says Krishna can hypnotize Radha with his eyes, so Shankachur should make sure Krishna is not around Radha when he meets her. Shankachur says he will be careful.

Balram confronts Krishna and asks why his sleep is more important than Radha and why he is letting Radha risk her life by visiting Shankachur. Krishna says he can’t say anything at this time and lets see what Radha does. Radha waits for Shankachur near Krishna’s swing and rests on it. She recalls the quality time spent with Krishna on it and finds Krishna swinging the swing.

She asks him what is he doing here instead of returning to Dwarka. Krishna asks if he became a stranger that she doesn’t want to share her ordeal with him. Radha asks him not think so and rests on Krishna’s shoulder. She says she wants to tell him something and he shouldn’t stop her from doing so. Krishna says let us rest first for some time. She agrees and rests on his shoulder again.

Shankachur reaches there and gets angry seeing that. He asks how can she be with Krishna when she invited him. Radha says they can converse in presence of Krishna. Shankachur gives her a a gift. Radha thinks if she doesn’t accept his gift, he will not spare Gopis. She accepts his gift and asks are Gopis as Krishna failed to locate them. Shankachur says he will tell her Gopis’ location of she and Gopis accept that they love him and not Krishna.


RadhaKrishn 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha accompanies Shankachur to his den. Krishna reaches there and says he did a big mistake by bringing Radha here, now he has to face his anger.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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