RadhaKrishn 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

RadhaKrishn 13th October 2022 Radha requests Mahadev and Devi Parvati to participate in Vijayadashami’s havan pooja. Devi Parvati says they will definitely participate it and wants Radha Krishna’s special jodi to participate along them.

Gopis walk to Radha. Radha feel happy seeing them and say they look more beautiful than before. Gopis says Radha looks more beautiful after getting Radha’s love alone. They wish meet Krishna. Rukmini asks Radha to chat her friends while she informs Krishna about Gopis’ arrival.

Shukracharya makes Asurs wrestle with each other and thinks they can’t fight themselves, how will they fight Krishna; he needs someone stronger. Yakshinis get Shankchur ready and praise his handsomeness.

Shankchur says he wants someone else to praise his charm. Yakshini says he should go to Dwarka then where Gopis and Radha are present who knows to praise beauty and charm very well.

Balram asks Krishna why don’t he praise Radhya’s beauty and his love for her. Krishna asks if he can write his and Revati’s love story. Balram says he can right now. Revati and Rukmini angrily walk to them. Balram gets tensed. Revati scolds him and orders him to attend yagna instead of wasting time here.

Shankchur reaches Krishna’s palace and searches for Radha and Gopis. Yakshini says she wants to see Radha and Gopis praising him. He notices Radha and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Mahadev and Devi Parvati get angry seieng Shankchur. Mahadev says he will keep an eye on Shankchur and will make sure he doesn’t create any issues.

Radha and Gopis go in search of Krishna. Shankchur stosp them and tries to interact. Gopis ignore him. He offers them gifts. They notice Krishna and run towards him excitedly ignoring Shankchur and his gift. Shankchur gets jealous seeing that.

Krishna showers flowers on Radha and Gopis. Shankchur stays back to see what happens next. Gopis express their love for Krishna and offers him flowers and butter. Krishna feeds butter to Radha. Gopis ask Radha to put garland in Krishna’s neck. Radha does. Shankchur gets more jealous and thinks nobody insulted him so much till now, he will teach a lesson to Krishna. Mahadev gets up from yagna angrily seeing that. Yakshini takes Shankchur from there.

Krishna says let us start yagna and requests Mahadev to sit back for pooja. Mahadev via telepathy says Shankchur didn’t learn a lesson after so much happen. Krishna says people don’t change, let us forget it and complete pooja. He performs pooja with Radha. Shankchur burns in jealous and determines to punish Krishna.


RadhaKrishn 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha tells Krishna they should return to Golok. Krishna says still there are some unfinished task. Shankchur befirends Shukracharya to take revenge from Krishna.

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Telecast Date:13th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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