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RadhaKrishn 11th November 2021 Shalv kills Kaptasur for betraying him. Shukracharya says he ruined his own plan by killing Kaptasur. Shalv says it was necessary to teach his aide a lesson and asks him to relive him via his knowledge. Shukracharya relives Kaptasur. Kaptasur apologizes Shalv and says he came here to discuss a plan to kill Krishna.

Balram informs Radha that they are tricked, Kaptasur has replaced Krishna and is Shalv’s puppet. Radha says she knows. He asks where is Krishna. She says he is in Dwarka and hiding but meets her often. He asks why he let Kaptasur on his crown. She says Krishna wants him to end Kaptasur’s kapat/evilness and soon become like Krishna. He says asur/evil doesn’t change and hence Kaptasur will never leave his evilness and goes to meet Krishna. Radha thinks a person’s deeds decide their destiny.

Kaptasur reveals that Krishna is in Dwarka itself and knows everything. Shalv asks what is his plan then. He says he wants to end Krishna and requests to let him have that privilege. Shukracharya says he has seen Krishna’s end and its not by Kaptasur. Kaptasur says he knows and just needs an weapon. Shukracharya says if he is ready to sacrifice his own life to end Krishna, he will give him a weapon. Kaptasur leaves. Shalv asks if Kaptasur can kill Krishna. Shukracharya says when Radha’s love can change a cowherd into Krishna, it can change even Kaptasur.

Radha searches Krishna. Kaptasur acts as trying to play bansuri. Radha teaches him. Balram walks to him and asks why he didn’t end Kaptasur yet. Krishna asks him to enjoy Kaptasur’s music first. Balram asks how can he be so calm when Radha and Kaptasur’s music is uniting. Krishna says its just a music. Balram asks when he informed Radha about Kaptasur, why didn’t he inform him. Krishna says Radha herself found it out and asks him to watch Kaptasur changing. Balram walks away fuming.

Kaptasur holds Radha’s hand and requests to dance with her. Radha stands shocked hearing that. Kaptasur says it has been a long time since they danced, he wants to learn dance from her. She says dance is their end of journey, why he wants to dance now.

He insists to teach him dance. She thinks if Krishna within him is awakening, then she should dance with him. She agrees. Krishna gets sad noticing that. Radha walks to him and asks why he is acting sad again. Krishna says its a part of their love and asks how is her and Kaptasur’s love story going. She says she loves only him and reveals Kaptasur’s demand.


RadhaKrishn 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha thinks she is eagerly waiting to dance as it will change an asur’s heart. Shukracharya gives Kapatasur a poisonous peacock feather. Kaptasur walks to Krishna thinking he will end Krishna after dancing with Radha.

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Telecast Date:11th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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