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Radha Mohan 8th October 2022 Radha accepts it was her mistake as she did not pay attention so she wrote her own name, Damini getting furious asks if she really thinks it was a mistake that she wrote her own name instead of the bride, and did she think Mohan would really decide to marry her after her name got printed on the wedding card,

Damini exclaims now that her truth has been revealed there is no need to lie as she is just a worthless girl from the village, Mohan getting furious replies there is no need to say such things as he is able to understand the true face of Damini, they all are stunned. Mohan explains it should not happen again once more as she was already blamed for being with him, Kadambari asks if Radha did not do it then who is at fault, Radha gets tensed.

Mohan slowly turns to look at Gungun who getting tensed hides behind Radha realizing Mohan has found out the truth, she is really scared so hides behind Radha as he asks her to come out but she doesnot come out, he is forced to pull her out in the front while Radha asks what is he doing.

Mohan questions why she do it, just then the mother of Tulsi exclaims it is enough from behind, they all are shocked to see her standing there at the door. She blames that he was not satisfied after murdering the mother so is now torturing the child, she asks if he has no manners so is yelling at a child. Narmida goes straight to Mohan without even talking to Kadambari,

Mohan tries to take her blessings but she takes a step back exclaiming he must not make her a part of his crimes by seeking his blessings, as the hands which have killed her daughter must not touch her feet, she questions with what right was he yelling at Gungun, she asks the lawyer to see how her Granddaughter is not save in this house.

He must witness how they yell at a child who is without her mother, she then turns to Kadambari mentioning Gungun is her Grand daughter then why does she not talk with Mohan. Radha explains she is mistaken as Mohan can never ill treat Gungun and he was just scolding her, Narmida replies he was pulling her and had she not arrived, he would have surely slapped her.

Radha replies it is not like that because he loves her a lot and would never slap her, she should think if a father can not even scold his own daughter to make sure she stays on the right path. Narmida mentions he is Mohan Trivedi the murderer of her daughter, who does not talk politely with anyone and even starts fighting with everyone, his own daughter calls him by his name.

Tulsi exclaims Mohan really loves Gungun and their relation is stronger then before. Radha mentions Gungun now doesnot say it again and she really loves him. Narmida asks her to not lie anymore since she might get strains, Narmida blames that if they had taken care of her then Gungun would not have been thrown in the well. Mohan mentions it was an accident,

she replies to it would not happen again and this is why she has come with a lawyer, she is going to demand the custody of Gungun being her Granddaughter because she doesnot think Gungun is safe in this house so she would stay with her in their house forever. The entire Trivedi family is stunned.

Mohan asks what she is saying, Kadambari assures Gungun doesnot have any problem in this house and she is safe. Radha also assures Gungun is kept with a lot of care in this house, when she is in the house Kadambari makes sure she sleeps on time and when she goes out Rahul keeps an eye on her,

Ketki also brings new toys for her while her Grand father tells her new stories while Mohan jee loves Gungun a lot, he tries to fulfill all her desires and does she know that Mohan also plays the flute for her so she can sleep. Gungun is happy in this family, and they have given everything to Gungun. Narmida asks if she has got a mother, Radha gets tensed while Tulsi exclaims she even has a mother, as Radha fulfilled the duties of a mother for Gungun.

Damini asks who said Gungun doesnot have a mother, she accepts they both have not been married but it doesnot mean she doesnot consider Gungun as her own daughter, but Gungun replies Damini is not her mother, Kadambari tries to signal her. Narmida explains even a child knows Damini is not worthy to be her mother then why are they blind to the fact that Damini ruined the life of her daughter when she was alive,

she tried to end the relation of Tulsi and Mohan and now she is going to take the place of Tulsi. Mohan replies she no longer lives here so he understands that Narmida is tensed with what has happened in the past few days but that bore well incident was in fact an accident and he assures Gungun is safe here. Narmida replies he must not act with her, she says he came to give her the guarantee when he decided to marry Tulsi, she has lost her daughter but would not lose her Granddaughter. Tulsi also exclaims Mohan would not let anything happen to Gungun.

Mohan turning requests Narmida to leave, she is trying to threaten him in his own house when Kadambari replies they should not talk like this so Mohan assures he cannot live without his daughter and the matter of her security pertains to this house so she must leave, Narmida asks if he thinks she is threatening him,

she brings the papers from the court explaining they have filed a case in the court for her custody. The lawyer reveals that a social worker accompanied by a lawyer will come to see if she is safe, so they can witness the behavior of her father and stepmother, Gungun hearing this starts crying.

Narmida goes to Gungun assuring there is no need to be scared as she still has her grandmother, who would take her to their house, Radha signals Gungun to not say anything. Kadambari taking the papers from Mohan is stunned to see them.

Narmida turns to leave when Radha stops her, she turning to Gungun starts staring at her. Mohan kneels in front of Gungun mentioning she is a champion so he is going to promise that she will not leave this house and no one would be able to take her away, Gungun rushes to hug Radha who also assures they would not allow anyone to take her away, Gungun is crying restlessly while hugging Radha, Mohan stands up to see how Gungun really trusts Radha.

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