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Radha Mohan 7th October 2022 Damini is scared by the spear of Devi Maa, Tulsi replies that Devi Maa has showed her the right place when Gungun informs Radha has saved her, they all manage to correct everything when Kadambari asks them to bring her inside.

Radha turns to leave but Mohan questions where she is going as they also need her help even when she has the direct correction with Devi maa. Gungun asks her to help him otherwise he might get a back pain just as he did when he picked her in his arms, Mohan replies it did not happen like that so they take Devi Maa inside but Damini is really furious.

Kadambari prays in font of Devi Maa along with the rest of the family, Kadambari prays their family has faced a lot of difficulties in the past year along with Mohan so she must protect them, Kadambari turns to see Radha with a smile but thinks if she would have the ability to reveal it in front of everyone,

Damini thinks she is getting a lot of love for Radha so stands in front of her thinking she must shower her love only for them, Kadambari asks both Mohan and Damini to come and perform the ritual as this is the first for their wedding, Tulsi in anger thinks she would also see how they will perform it since Devi Maa has already chosen Radha for Mohan.

Kadambari asks Ketki to bring the Jawahar, she in turn requests Radha to pick them who starts walking towards them while Gungun is also really furious, Tulsi thinks she would throw the Jawahar as then maa will think it is not a good sign and stop the ritual but before she can do anything,

Gungun puts her feet on the Lehenga of Radha so she stumbles but Mohan manages to help her, they both unknowingly perform the ritual which leaves everyone stunned and Damini is furious, Radha keeps staring Mohan as she cannot even understand what is going on,

Tulsi and Gungun both are smiling. Mohan asks her to keep standing otherwise she might get a strain, Kaveri in anger questions what she do as it is not auspicious, Kadambari warns her, she informs that both Mohan and Damini should perform the ritual as when they will grow it will strengthen their relationship.

Damini is furious to see the seeds in the pot but is forced to fulfill the ritual because of Mohan, she looks angrily at Radha while pouring the water. Tulsi exclaims the real bride and groom fulfilled the ritual; Tulsi appreciates Gungun for her good plan mentioning it was even better than her plan.

A person comes into the house, Ajit questions who he is but Kadambari stops him as the person reveals that the cards have been printed, Kadambari explains they have arrived on the most auspicious time, so she asks Damini to place the first card in the footsteps of Devi Maa. Damini is shocked after opening the cards as the name of Radha is written with Mohan, Kaveri also screams in shock while Gungun is smiling.

Kadambari looking at the cards doesnot believe it, Kaveri asks Mohan if he has done it, he replies he would have changed the names of the brides in the cards, Kadambari signals him when he replies it is a stupid question. Mohan mentions it would be an error, but Damini says she knows who would have done it, Damini tries to suffocate Radha, Tulsi warns her to leave Radha otherwise she will show herself in front of everyone.

Mohan pushes Damini asking if she really thinks that Radha can do anything of the sort, Damini mentions he himself gave her the card, so she changed her name. Kadambari stopping them all herself asks Radha if she checked the cards and did she make this change but Mohan also asks if she can believe Radha would say such a big lie, Damini replies that those days have gone by because Radha lied before on the letter and he must stop talking about her,

Mohan in frustration replies now Damini is misbehaving, Kaveri noticing it places her hand on Damini’s shoulder. She realizing it apologizes mentioning that he must look at what has happened, Radha pleads that she has not done anything, Ketki also asks if she is sure no one would have changed them because she has a lot of enemies recently, Mohan in anger asks Dulari to bring the mobile then demands the card which was the sample.

Damini requests they should perform the rituals, but Mohan mentions she herself has put such a big blame on Radha but now everything would be proven and if the truth comes out then the rituals would not happen altogether, Kadambari notices Damini is really tensed so wonders if she has done anything.

The person brings the card when Tulsi also asks Mohan to open the card as it will prove Damini has done everything to trap Radha< Mohan after reading the card gets furious, Kadambari standing in front of him questions what has happened and even Damini rushes asking whose handwriting is it. Mohan replies someone has changed the name of Damini to write that of Radha.

Radha standing thinks this might be the doing of Gungun so she must do something, Radha accepts she has written it when Kadambari questions what is she saying, Radha replies she wrote her name by mistake when Gungun looks at her wondering why is she taking her blame, Gungun recalls how she sat beside the sofa thinking Damini trapped Rahul but no one is listening to her, she can fix everything which is why she wrote the name of Radha. Gungun is still looking at Radha who is standing beside her with tears filled in her eyes, Radha realizes Gungun is behind it all.

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