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Radha Mohan 5th October 2022 Radha turns to walk away but is suddenly slapped by Kadambari, Damini also gets shocked to see her, Kadambari is really furious and stands between Radha and Damini, she looking towards Radha questions how did she dare put such a big blame on Damini,

does she not know that Damini is about to become the daughter in law of this house and she has been with them since her childhood, Damini can never think wrong of this family only because she is also a part of this family but who is Radha, what relation does she have with them,

Radha starts weeping when Damini thinks that the training of Kadambari has finished. She questions how Radha can put such a big blame on Damini when Kadambari replies she always used to think that Radha has feelings for Mohan but will end them thinking she is just childish and cares for them but never knew she would stand to break this family, Tulsi questions why is she saying this when she knows that Radha is suitable for Mohan.

Radha with tears asks if she really thinks she can break this family when they mean the most to her but she doesnot know the truth about Damini, Kadambari stops Radha mentioning she can not hear another word against Damini and now Radha would not live in this house,

Kadambari instructs her to pack her bags and leave this house since she cannot allow her to stay here, as no one has the right to break their family so Radha must never return to show them her face, Kadambari leaves with anger thinking Radha must forgive her since she was forced to raise her hand on Radha but she is helpless.

Damini turns with a smile when Radha exclaims she came to return the happiness of Mohan but stayed because she herself asked her to and now she has been indebted to this house so would not leave without fulfilling the duty she has towards their family, she will never leave until she is sure that everyone in this family is safe,

this family also belongs to her as this was right was given to her but she cannot take away this right from her. Tulsi agrees with Radha mentioning she can understand all the problems that would come to this house.

Radha thinks she doesnot know what Kadambari is feeling but is aware she doesnot believe it as the slap was not in anger but helplessness, Tulsi thinks even Radha understood but what has Damini done that she is just agreeing with her.

Damini replies she has left and for the first time had tears in her eyes because of Radha, she replies Kadambari can be anything but never helpless and she doesnot know what Damini has said to her, Radha replies she knows Damini would not answer her but then Mohan is going to ask these questions.

Damini is tensed when Radha goes to talk with Mohan, she follows her. Mohan in the house is running after Gungun and trying to make her eat the lunch but she doesnot want to listen anything as Mohan beat Rahul uncle. Radha informs she wants to talk about something important with him, Mohan exclaims that he would talk with her later since Gungun is angry, Radha assures of helping him when he replies he never wants to be dependent on her since she might try to leave at any moment. Radha is about to inform him but he leaves when Gungun exclaims she hates him.

Radha thinks she can not wait any longer so rushes upstairs but she is suddenly pulled in the room, Damini closing the door exclaims she has humiliated the orders of Maa when Radha replies she can feel what is in her heart while Damini just listens to what she is speaking, Radha turns to leave so Damini explains this family belongs to her as she is going to marry Mohan so Gungun would be her daughter,

Radha replies she would be his wife in the future so must not talk as if it is the present. Radha turning threatens if she finds out Damini had anything to do with the plans of Hriday then she is surely going to not let her get married and have any future with Mohan. Damini asks how she dared misebhave with her, she tries to slap Radha but she stops Damini mentioning she can put back her hand from the position which she brought it, Damini is not able to free her hand. Radha informs that even Holi is played with sticks in their village, so she can not be scared when Damini raises her voice.

Damini in frustration questions who she is to talk with her in this manner, Radha replies they donot need any relation to make things right but now she will reveal the relation of a mother is from the heart so Gungun resides in her heart and she also has the same feeling in her heart. Radha mentions Ajit thinks of her as his sister while Vishwanath also considers her as his own daughter,

Kadambari might have said something else today in frustration. Damini asks if she is the lover of Mohan, Radha replies it will be the best situation and she loves him but even knows he doesnot have any feelings for her, she will therefore not try to force him. Damini warns her to stop this rubbish, Radha explains that Mohan gave her the Bhagwat Geeta, so she got a new life which is why he has a lot of importance in her life.

Damini mentions she can just talk but from tomorrow the functions of her weddings will start and how is she going to stop it in ten days, Radha replies even the world turns ten times so tomorrow is the Puja of Durga maa, she is going to have even her powers with the support of Bihari jee. Damini replies she can try but would not be able to stop her wedding, Radha says she will not even try if Damini is true.

Damini turning explains she would once again advice Radha to leave as she will not be able to bear her lover getting married to someone else. Radha mentions that Navratri means that truth prevails over wrong and Durga maa is coming to their house tomorrow so she would show her the way towards the truth, if she finds out Damini has anything to do with anyone in this family then she swears on Bihari jee that she would not let her get married to Mohan jee.

Radha opens the door to walk out when Damini also not being able to control herself tries to leave with a knife, but she is pulled back from the door. Tulsi is standing on the bed, Radha notices something is wrong but before that the door closes.

Tulsi starts to suffocate Damini thinking she will not let her do anything wrong to Radha, she was alone, but Radha has the support of Bihari jee and even her.

Mohan asks Gungun to not talk but eat the food, Gungun explains nothing good will happen and he must go back to Damini. Mohan asks why Damini came between them both, Gungun exclaims that she is the one who comes between her and Radha.

Radha comes to Mohan when he replies that his relationship with Gungun is really weak and it is ruined with even the smallest of misunderstanding, Radha replies he must rest assured as he is the father so their relation is strong, Mohan replies it is wrong and he feels this relation is strong only because of Radha and if she leaves then everything might be ruined.

Gungun mentions therefore she wants him to not let her go, he asks her to come out and eat the food. Gungun replies even if she says anything he would not understand, he prints such big books but doesnot seem to understand the small things. Mohan turning to Radha asks what Gungun is talking about, she replies Gungun is hungry which is why she is talking in this manner, Radha informs she wants to talk with him about Damini, Mohan agrees to listen so she starts informing him, Mohan is tensed.

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