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Radha Mohan 3rd August 2022 Kadambari makes Mohan swear on her life that he is not going to try and stop any of the wedding ritual, he will also not be a part of any one of them. The entire family is stunned,

Lata jee however smiles thinking now her plan would succeed. Kadambari asks if Lata jee is satisfied when Mohan once again explains that Hriday is not the right person for Radha. Damini takes the hand of Mohan forcing him to come inside since it is enough.

Mohan asks Damini what is she doing as maa is not understanding that Hriday is not the right choice for Radha. Damini explains if he thinks that Hriday hugging Radha is something bad then it should also come between them since this is what normal couples do, but Mohan is always worried about Radha,

not thinking how it hurts her feelings. He has always tried to help Radha but never cared about her feelings. Damini holding her hands requests him to not make her wait for any longer since he must witness, she has been waiting for him since the past twelve years. Damini turns to leave while Mohan sits down wondering what has gotten into her.

Kadambari walking through the door exclaims this was to happen as how can a girl watch her fiancé caring for someone else. Mohan explains she is not understanding that Hriday is not the right choice for Radha as they are trying to turn her life in a darkness. Kadambari replies that if anything happens then it would be because of his stubbornness.

Kadambari warns he would now have to choose between his mother and the attitude. Damini thinks that now even Bhagwan cannot stop this marriage from happening, Tulsi wonders why should they worry Bhagwan as she would never let Damini get married to Mohan as he only belongs to Radha.

Radha in the rom is preparing something when she thinks she doesnot have a lot of time so wants to fulfill her promise. Mohan is also really tensed in his room wondering how he was not able to see that she just wished to see him happy,

Radha exclaims it is not his mistake as he suffered a lot of pain in life so how could he have thought about her, Mohan thinks of how he can appreciate her for what she has done for him and Gungun. Radha finally manages to prepare the flute once again.

Mohan is sitting, Gungun exclaims that Radha is about to get engaged yet he is sitting here so would they not be able to do anything. Gungun blames him for being a cheater thereby ending the partnership. She says she knows he would not be bothered if she is sad so turns to leave. Mohan stops her explaining he is bothered a lot but would she break the vow of her mother.

Gungun replies she doesnot have any mother but only Radha and would not let her go again. Mohan wonders if he would once again lose his daughter after Radha leaves. Tulsi standing beside him exclaims it would never happen, because papa Trivedi is bound by the vow but she is still free to do whatever is possible neither will she let his daughter go away from him nor will cause any end to his happiness.

Gungun in the night requests Kadambari to not let Radha get married with Hriday since he is not a nice person. Kadambari making her sit explains she is sure Hriday would keep Radha happy when Gungun explains she is happy even staying in their house.

Kadambari informs that first the engagement happens and this causes the relationship to be cemented, this is why they wear the rings on this finger as it has direct connection with the heart, Gungun after learning about this leaves while she vows to make sure that Radha and Hriday are not able to perform the ritual of this engagement. Tulsi with a smile assures of her utmost support.

In the morning Gungun questions why is Radha crying when she herself agreed for this wedding, Radha explains she is crying as she would not be able to see her Bhagwan Mohan jee in this wedding. Gungun assures of ending this problem. Mohan looking angrily at her questions what is she doing here as she herself broke the partnership,

Gungun replies that it is still ended but Radha is longing to see the face of her Bhagwan Mohan jee and is even crying. Mohan sits back down thinking about the vow of his mother. Gungun replies he was barred from participating in the rituals but he can go into the room. Mohan asks if she would not come but Gungun says she is a little busy, she forces him to leave.

Radha sitting wonders what is the meaning of this occasion in which her Mohan jee cannot be a part off, she wonders who is knocking on the door. Radha is stunned seeing Mohan jee in the window, she is stunned asking what is he doing here when he replies that he came to clean the windows, she says she would herself clean it.

Mohan in anger exclaims that he came to meet her. Radha asks then why did he not use the door, he replies because then he would have been caught, she questions what about the vow so he informs that it is for the functions but he can still come to meet her in the room. Mohan with a smile says he would surely have Gungun become a lawyer since she can find such loopholes.

Mohan entering the room asks if she has cancelled the plan of engagement. Radha questions why is he talking like this when he asks why is she not ready. Mohan explains if she doesnot get ready or wear nice clothes, she would like a monkey when Radha requests him to stop. Mohan explains that she can never look bad in any dress,

she would surely be the most beautiful bride. Radha replies she doesnot have any cosmetic when Mohan after a while exclaims it is nothing to be worried about, as Damini has enough for the entire city. Mohan starts walking towards the door but then realizes if he was allowed to walk through the door then what was the need for him to use the window, he starts smiling asking what can they do now.

Mohan sees the Diya in front of Bihari jee so asks her to stand, he takes off the blackness from it which he applies on the eyes of Radha. Mohan then picks the Sindoor which he applies on his hand but stops so instructs to apply the Tika, she asks how is it looking when he replies she is looking really beautiful, he even helps her wear the jewelry. Mohan comments that she is looking so beautiful that Bihari jee might also agree to marry her.

Gungun is taking Hriday to make him meet Radha, he asks how is she taking him when she doesnot even like him, Hriday exclaims that she actually doesnot like him but she loves Radha. Gungun takes him to the store room.

Hriday doesnot believe she asked him to come here so he is worried. Gungun explains he asks a lot questions which are not at all suitable. Hriday turns away so Gungun seeing the opportunity tries to close the door but he manages to stop her saying now he is not going to leave her.

Mohan sees the box on the bed, he asks Radha what is in it. She replies the ring belongs to her mother but is not her size. Mohan with a smile mentions he has the solution to all the problem; he realizes it is actually very big.

Dadi calls Radha while knocking on the door so Mohan in panic makes her wear the ring in the finger which she had to wear the engagement ring. Tulsi starts smiling after witnessing it, she exclaims that the engagement has already happened while Radha in shock says Mohan made a big mistake, he is also tensed.

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