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Radha Mohan 31st October 2022 kidnapper reveals the voice is of their death as he has brought a very big news for them all especially for the girl with lehenga, he explains there is a bomb under the bus which scares everyone, he informs that if they try to stop the bus and the speed goes below sixty, the bomb will automatically blast,

and they all will die. The driver keeps increasing the bus when the kidnapper reveals he knew Radha has suspected him, but he is always two steps ahead of her, she was saved last time but he has made a full plan today so she is going to die with the children and will have to suffer the entire blame, she can try to save them.

The children request them to stop the bus as they need to go back to their parents, Ketki standing assures nothing would happen so they must sit down, Gungun asks Ketki if they are going to die when Gungun questions why she is asking like this.

Mohan asks the women where did Radha give her the jewelry, she reveals on the road of the old Mandir revealing the person beside her was really dangerous and even had a very big knife, she apologizes to Mohan handing him the jewelry when Mohan gives her some money suggesting how she must pray for him, Parthap thinks now no one would be able to save Radha, Mohan will only find the small pieces of Radha as his revenge is also fulfilled.

Radha is stunned in the bus while the driver is nervous and even hits a milk man, Radha is not able to regain her senses and is constantly thinking about how the kidnapper said she will have the blame for killing everyone. Gungun jolts Radha who wakes up so hugging Gungun assures nothing would happen to them, the driver starts feeling dizzy and is not able to maintain the speed of the bus, Ketki reveals the bus is losing it speed, Radha after a while is worried thinking about the driver.

Kadambari in the house explains Radha is on the same bus which has the kidnapper, she doesnot know what he would do to her this time, Kaveri replies what he was not able to finish the last time as she was saved from the grave but this time, he will surely kill her, Kadambari questions Kaveri why does she always talk such things, Tulsi exclaims this is what she had always desired.

Rahul is talking with Shekar on the phone revealing that Radha called Mohan informing him that it is the same kidnapper who buried her in the grave. Rahul goes to open the door when the parents enter the house questioning where their children are.

Radha rushes to the driver informing him the bus cannot come under sixty otherwise it would cause the bomb to blast, the students exclaim then they would die. The driver questions how they can keep driving the bus like this as a signal might come, Radha explains she feels it is a highway so they would not take an exit, Ketki asks how they can keep driving like this since the driver might also get tired and what if the fuel ends in it, one of the children exclaims then they would die. Radha sitting explains nothing like this would happen,

Ketki explains they must stop the bus as it is the only way they would be able to get out. The children demand to go back to their parents. Radha questions why they are talking like this since all of them must believe in Bihari jee. Radha wonders why did Bihari jee caused the life of so many children’s to be in trouble.

The parents ask where are their children since the students were not able to reach the competition on time so have been disqualified, they mention one of their family member was on the bus but why are they not answering their calls, Rahul explains there was a problem and is about to reveal it, Damini stops him questioning what is he doing as they al are really angry and if they found out their children are in so many problems then they would take their lives,

Damini also rushes to Kadambari suggesting how it might not be the right time to tell the parents, and se must handle the situation. The parents demand they should call their family members and ask where the students are, Damini reveals that their phones are out of coverage, but she is sure everything would be fine, the parents ask how they know everything is fine when they have not been able to talk to them, Kadambari is worried when the parents demand the location of their children.

The students in the bus get worried when the bus jumps over a speed breaker, Gungun asks Radha if they would die when she replies there is no reason to be worried as they must pray and find a way, she is wondering where is Mohan jee, Gungun asks how he would know so Radha reveals that she called to inform him when Gungun asks how would he save them when the bus cannot stop.

The parents question why did the Trivedi family take this responsibility when they were not able to fulfill it, and why are their family members not answering their calls, Kadambari is about to reveal the truth, Kaveri suddenly whispers how they all are really furious and if she informs them about the truth it would only make the matters worse, Kadambari replies even their children are on the bus so they have the right to know the truth,

the parents ask what is the truth questioning if she is hiding something from them, someone from the back explains he is going to tell the truth, Kadambari is shocked to see the police. The parents recognize Gansham as the peon of the school, Kadambari asks how he can be Gansham, when the official explains Gansham is the one who informed the police about the bus.

Gansham reveals someone hit him on the back as he was about to leave for the duty which stuns everyone, he explains when he regained consciousness, he realized his school unform was missing so he called the police.

Mohan asks the milk man if he saw a school bus going when the person reveals it seemed as if it was a rocket, Mohan thinks Radha must wait for a little while since he would surely reach them.

The students once again demand to go back to their parents requesting to stop the bus however Radha asks them to sit assuring, they would not die, Radha explains they must not get scared and believe in Bihari jee, she questions who believes in Bihari jee, they all slowly raise their hands when Radha explains today, he is going to tell them a story as Bihari jee suffered very big problems.

Rada reveals that the uncle of Bihari jee was told that the eight children of his own sister would end him so he took her as hostage and started killing all of her children but then a miracle happened as one night all the guards were asleep so the father of Bihari jee sent to one of his friends in a bucket, he in order to save the life of his son sent him away from him. Radha informs this story teaches them to never lose their faith in Bihari jee.

Mohan is driving the car praying Bihari jee should not snatch his daughter away from him, Ajit asks why is he saying this when Mohan explains it is the very difficult for a person to lose their children, Ajit explains they would save everyone when Mohan mentions he is taking care of him when he would also be worried and concerned for Ketki, Ajit replies he believes in Bihari jee. Mohan starts praying that Bihari jee should not let anything happen to Radha. Ajit spots the bus immediately informing Mohan who is relieved.

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