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Radha Mohan 29th October 2022 Parthap snatches the bag from Radha, she slowly starts taking her steps back and is about o fall which scares both Gungun and Ketki however Parthap manages to save her by holding her hand, Radha is constantly crying for help so starts calling Bihari jee, Gungun requests him to save Radha however Parthap is just holding her like this.

Maha Pandit jee questions Kadambari devi what is going on here and does she always call them here to be insulted as Mohan misbehaved with them the last time they came here so Kadambari requests them to be seated as they are going to start the lunch when Maha Pandit jee explains they are not interested in any charity but require respect, Kadambari assures her entire family really loves them when Maha Pandit jee explains they have to prove it as now the Brahman would eat when Mohan himself serves them the lunch.

Radha seeing the pillar is worried if she is hit by it so closes her eyes in tension while Parthap noticing it pulls her just before it, she is relieved while even the driver is also relieved that she is safe.

Kadambari questions what is this behavior as she would also not tolerate that he disregards their rituals so this she cannot accept, Mohan replies but nothing is more important then his family so he feels Radha, Gungun and Ketki are in danger when Kadambari replies there is no need to be suspicious as it has just caused them to suffer pain,

Damini mentions she agrees with Mohan as he is to easily confused and does something when he is sure about it but she assures she believes him and they all would go with him with the police if he thinks there is any problem. Damini questions Mohan what happened as he talked with Radha so what did she say,

Mohan replies Radha said she was fine so Damini asks then what is the problem as she doesnot lie, she signals Kaveri who informs Mohan they should not be so tensed as the elders sometimes in their worries do something which is wrong, as he just misbehaved with the Maha Pandit jee who in frustration might cruse them which would not be suitable for Gungun, Mohan stops her in anger,

Kadambari exclaims why does she not speak after seeing the situation. Mohan replies if anything wrong happens to Gungun, he is going to curse the entire world. Mohan rushes to pick the food in anger mentioning this problem is all about serving food to the Brahman, Tulsi request Mohan to not listen them as this is the plan of Damini and Kaveri to stop him from leaving.

Gungun is really scared in the bus while Parthap starts smiling asking if she saw how he saved her life like a hero, this is why he advised her to not poke her nose in every matter as it might cause danger to her life, he forces her to sit down while asking the student if he still wants to go and pee but the child replies he doesnot so Parthap sits down on his seat.

Mohan is serving the Maha Pandit jee who is smiling while Damini is relieved, Mohan is just thinking about the signs that Radha gave her when Maha Pandit jee stops Mohan asking if he would serve the food for an entire year,

Kadambari stops him when he accidentally drops the pot, Mohan replies he doesnot know what is going on with him as he is really tensed, Damini explains there is nothing to worry about since after the Brahman eat the food it might be suitable for them all.

The driver questions Parthap why he is scaring everyone, Parthap replies it is his duty as there are a lot of children along with these two madams so they cannot stop the bus anywhere, he instructs the driver to just keep driving the bus. Gungun questions who the peon is as he is rude, Radha replies that he would be in some sort of tension. Ketki wonders how they can inform anyone in the house that their sister is in danger.

Rahul is trying to call Ketki but she is not answering her call, he exclaims what does she think of herself as he has been trying to reach her but she is not answering, Ajit questions why is he getting tensed since Ketki would not be answering his call because of their fight, Mohan hears this so coming to Rahul explains that she is ignoring him but Mohan doesnot believe it saying that she never ignores him,

he rushes to pick his mobile in which he sees the missed calls of Ketki, but she still doesnot his call. Mohan then tries to call Radha however even she is not answering, Mohan thinks about calling Gungun when Kadambari explains how she can take her mobile to school. Mohan mentions Radha was talking in a weird manner, but Damini tries to explain everything is fine however Mohan says he needs to think.

Mohan explains she said she forgot to take her Ramayan and decided to read Gungun the story of Seeta Haran while also saying that everything is fine like last night as they both were trapped in the fire,

Mohan after thinking for a moment explains they all are in danger just as last night, they all have been kidnapped. Kadambari in shock asks what is he talking about, Mohan replies just as Ravan did the Haran of Seeta jee and she said just Radha Mohan are hit together so he believes she wants him to come, Mohan finally concludes they are in danger.

Kadambari thinks they should call the driver when Kadambari explains Radha has everything relating to Gungun, Mohan rushes to leave with Ajit while Damini quickly calls Parthap, revealing Mohan has left so his time has started, he needs to end the life of everyone after fixing the bomb. Damini thinks until Mohan can reach there, he would only find the ashes of Radha and Gungun.

Parthap asks the driver to stop the bus instructing Radha to go and help the student when the bus driver explains this is a very weird place but Radha says everything is fine, Gungun mentions Radha would not go alone as she is going to be with her, Parthap refuses her but Gungun insists so he stands in front of Gungun, Radha however stops him from even touching Gungun explaining he cannot touch her, she informs she will go alone as there is no one outside and she will come back after some time.

Gungun from the window explains even she wants to care for her so is watching from the window, Parthap goes outside the bus and standing when Ketki tries to search for it, she can hear the beeping of the bomb and noticing that it is like a watch gets tensed.

Radha is with the student while Parthap is standing outside the bus, Ketki slowly tries to open the bag while Parthap walks back into the bus and is stunned seeing Ketki who is trying to open the bag, he gets frustrated questioning what was she trying to do, he forces her to go back and sit down.

Radha thinks that she has to find help so informs the student to go and pee behind the tree, he wonders what she can do as there is not any way to seek help.

Parthap opening the bag is stunned thinking the bomb has been activated, he after turning yells at Ketki questioning what has she done.

Radha is standing on the road when she hears a sudden blast, she is turning calls for Gungun.

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