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Radha Mohan 29th July 2022 Hriday exclaims she would first have to go down if she wishes to go up, after which she will go to Bihari jee and not Radha, Gungun gets tense hearing this as Hriday pushes her, Gungun cries.

Tulsi in the house tries with all her might to protect he but she is not able to even step out, she wonders why did she feel as if Gungun called her and there is something wrong because she is getting tensed, she exclaims even Gungun is with Hriday while Radha has covered her eyes. She yells at Mohan.

Ketki kneeling in front of Mohan requests that he should forgive Radha since the only one who is going to suffer is Gungun. Ajit explains even he went to that mandir last month and there are one thousand stairs but Mohan replies he did not ask her to go nor will he bring her back, Ketki requests him but he says it is enough so they both must leave now.

Tulsi coming to stand beside Mohan mentions Ketki is right, he must leave to bring them both as she is not feeling well and there is something wrong about to happen which is why she doesnot feel right, as she herself is a mother.

Hriday at once wakes up from his dream so gets really tensed thinking why was he not able to fulfill the task, Hriday thinks this is the right time so he must push her but he stops as a lot of people are coming up stairs. Hriday wonders from where did they all come. Gungun warns him to not touch her ever again.

Damini calls Hriday explaining he must not come back without fulfilling the task as she doesnot wish Gungun should come back in one single piece. Hriday explains she must rest assured as the work would be complete very soon since he is going to through her from here as no one is present. Damini ending the call wonders what has Mohan seen in Radha, Kaveri exclaims if he has started caring for Radha then what can they do about it.

Radha is taking the steps towards the Mandir, Gungun is running towards her with all her might while Hriday tries to catch her so he can finish the task but as he is just about to pull Gungun, Mohan asks them to stop. Hriday is stunned seeing him walking towards them so wonders how is going to push Gungun.

Mohan walking sees the blood on the steps, he asks Radha to end it all so kneels to open the bandage but she refuses so is about to fall, he however catches her pulling Radha close. They both keep staring at each other and are not even able to move, Hriday is really furious seeing them both holding the hands.

Radha exclaims he can call it as a waste of time but this is the penance for her mistake, Hriday exclaims if one of them is going to fulfil this and the other is trying to convince her so what will he do now. Radha replies she wants to pray to Bihari jee, Mohan exclaims she can do it like a normal person while walking the steps.

Gungun says even she has been trying to explain this is not necessary but Radha doesnot want to listen. Mohan replies she can do whatever she feels like but then must not say he did anything wrong, Radha doesnot understand so Mohan picks her up in his arms walking towards the Mandir.

Dadi is walking with Kadambari when Dadi explains she knows Hriday is a nice person and understands Radha but what about Lata jee as she would feel that there is something going on between Radha and Mohan, Kadambari is just thinking about what Damini said to her that there is something going on between them both.

Dadi calls Kadambari but she doesnot respond at first, Dadi holding her hand mentions that if they break this relation then Radha would not be able to get married again. Kadambari replies she is more worried about Mohan since he is really attached to Radha, she assures there is nothing to worry about and neither Radha nor Mohan has anything wrong with them.

Mohan is holding Radha in his arms, she requests him to let her go since it is not right when Mohan replies that she prayed to reach the Mandir without walking, this is exactly what he is doing. Mohan starts walking without listening to Radha, Hriday gets furious seeing Mohan.

Ketki and Ajit are walking out of the room, Damini asks Ajit to leave as Kadambari is searching for her and he is the only one who can help her, she warns Ketki to mind her own business as she was now trying to act as if she cares for Radha when it is not the case,

Damini threatens to kill her. Ketki replies she is not scared by her threat as she is neither Tulsi Bhabhi nor Radha, she knows the entire truth as the only one who benefits from such situations is always Damini weather it is the death of Tulsi Bhabhi or the sudden proposal for Radha.

Ketki seeing Kaveri stops her, she asks if her stomach is still upset after eating the wig, Damini replies it is a nice story but without any proof. Ketki questions if Damini think no one would believe her since she cannot prove it just like Damini was behind the carpet situation in which Radha was about to die. Ketki replies but there is a change in the situation since Mohan is angry with Radha because of the care he has for her so they must think who would actually lose their life her or Damini.

Mohan walks to the Mandir with Radha in his arms, he finally puts her down mentioning she reached the Bihari jee and now the punishment has ended, Radha replies she would not open it until he forgives her. Mohan replies she must not talk like this since he is just a normal person. Hriday requests her to also look at him since he is not that bad.

Radha replies that she knows he can never harm Gungun and is a really nice son and father, she just forgot to see the truth. Radha kneels to take his blessings but he stops her saying that she says they must just kneel before Bhagwan but if her vows can only end if he forgives her so he has finally forgiven her, Radha starts smiling.

Mohan asks if there is any other thing, she replies just that when she opens her eyes then Bihari jee is in front of him, he asks her to turn but she doesnot know which direction she needs to turn. Mohan walks behind her and then helps her open the cover. He asks her to open her eyes and perform the Darshan but just as she is about to open them a woman pushes her causing Radha to turn towards Mohan,

she opening her eyes sees Mohan standing in front of her. Mohan asks if her Darshan have ended, she nods in agreement when Radha thanks Bihari jee mentioning he also gave her the fruit of her vow. Mohan exclaims he brought her up like Tarzan and even forgave her but Bihari jee got all the credit. Hriday exclaims they both are really happy together including Gungun, he would feel really nice to snatch away their happiness.

Radha while walking stumbles, Mohan immediately rushes to her asking if she hurt herself and so while checking exclaims that her feet have also swollen. Radha looks to Mohan then Bihari jee, she smiles exclaiming even if he doesnot believe in Bhagwan, he has accepted Mohan who can see that he is bowing infront of Bihari jee. Mohan lifts his head to see it, he feels that Radha is telling the truth but just stares.

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