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Radha Mohan 29th August 2022 Hriday gets out of the car, he walking to the other side exclaims he has finally brought the lottery ticket to get cashed so praises himself, he yells at Radha to wake up forcing her into the godown but Radha while following her hits him on the knee so he falls down,

Hriday gets furious realizing it, he however manages to catch Radha before she is able to flee, he is about to slap her but she stops his hand and instead slaps him, Hriday gets furious thinking if she is going to slap him,

he is stunned to see that she is holding a wooden stick, Radha exclaims did he think she would not be like Durga maa, she hitting him questions how did he dare to raise his hand on her Dadi, Hriday exclaims he would even raise his hand on her.

Gungun beating Hriday exclaim both Mohan and Gungun warned her to not marry him since he is not a nice guy but she was blinded by his act of being a nice person, she is constantly beating him thinking how Bihari jee showed her so many signs but she refused to believe them.

Gungun exclaims Radha should beat him even more, Hriday finally manages to catch the stick he starts pushing Radha towards the car, Gungun wonders where did Radha go. Hriday exclaims she got really angry when he hit her Dadi so what would she do when she finds out the truth about what he did to Gungun,

he informs how he took her to the market and then finally threw her in the bore well. Hriday questions what is she going to do so asks her to beat him, Radha hits him one again before starting to beat him with the stick, Radha questions how did he dare even think of harming Gungun as she is just a child,

Radha exclaims she is going to take revenge of all the moments that Gungun spent in the well, he doesnot differentiate between the elders and the children. Radha vows to give him more pain, for each and every tear that she shed.

Hriday once again manages to hold the stick before pushing Radha away, she falls on the floor. Hriday manages to see Gungun hiding in the trunk of the car so exclaims she even followed Radha here so she would now see what he is capable off.

Hriday pulls Gungun out of trunk, she tries to go towards Radha but he puts a glass against her neck warning that she would surely die here even if she was saved from the bore well, Radha requests him to not do anything to Gungun,

he asks her to leave the stick. Gungun requests Radha to save her so she throws the stick, requesting Hriday to leave Gungun.
The Trivedi family sees the CCTV footage of Hriday pulling Radha towards the car, Kadambari questions what is he doing,

Mohan is stunned seeing Gungun also getting into the car when Kadambari mentions that Gungun jumped in the trunk, Tulsi exclaims what sort of a person has Hriday come to be as she thought so differentially about him, she prays that they both should be protected.

Shekar after ending the call explains the police found out his car was seen around the old market half and hour ago but they did not know anything after that and the car was not even captured in any camera, Mohan exclaims where are they going to find them both as there are a lot of ways from there.

Shekar explains the police have set barricade around the entire city so he would be caught very soon, Kadambari wonders what is going on in their house as they are suffering from one problem after another,

Mohan replies they would fight this problem because even if the police are not able to find him, how did he dare touch Gungun and his Radha, Mohan vows to kill him after he finds Hriday, Kadambari looks at him in shock while both Damini and Kaveri are also worried.

Hriday instructs his men to tie her very soon after which he asks him to hold Gungun, Hriday slaps Radha but then apologizes exclaiming the package cannot be harmed any more since his lottery ticket needs to be perfectly fine.

Hriday doesnot answer the call, Damini wonder why is he not answering the call since Mohan is really furious, Kaveri questions what would happen to them because even their lives are at stake. Damini thinks nothing of that sort would happen since she cannot let Mohan leave her life even if it means taking care of Hriday, Radha, Gungun or all three of them.

Hriday is standing infront of Radha when a man calls him from behind, Hriday explains that the package is ready so the person asks if the package is the same as he said, Hriday asks about the money so the person says if the package is ready then he would surely get the money, Hriday starts checking the money from the bag.

Radha notices the glass on the floor so exclaims she must do it even if she is scared, Radha manages to pick it without them noticing so starts cutting the rope tied around her hands, Hriday finally places the money in the bag without noticing Radha has cut the rope.

Hriday instructs them to take her, the person starts walking towards Radha with a smile and reaches in front of her but just as he is about to touch her, Radha manages to cut his hand with the glass which stuns them all, she even threatens Hriday to not even think of coming close to her,

she vows to die herself but will not let these criminals touch her. Hriday warns her to not use these dialogues, otherwise he pulls Gungun close seeing which she requests him to not do anything to Gungun, Hriday warns her to leave the glass otherwise she must be ready to witness the death of Gungun.

Hriday exclaims they would have heard the story that the life of the magician lies in the parrot, so the life of Radha is tied with Gungun. She doesnot know what would happen to Gungun If she doesnot throw the glass, Gungun tries to struggle and is crying.

Radha is slowly putting the glass down when she recalls how he said that the package cannot be damaged otherwise the price would not be the same, Radha exclaims if she heard him then there is no guarantee of their lives, if anything happens to Gungun she would take her own life so what will she do of a dead body.

Hriday warns her to not do this since she is not worthy dead. Radha assures she would not do anything else but on the condition that Gungun is first sent back home and she talks with Mohan jee one last time.

The person warns Hriday to not trust her as she first beat him and then even cut his hand. Radha vows on Bihari jee but Hriday says she must take the vow of Mohan’s name. Radha agrees that she will not cut herself but he must first let Gungun leave and she will not kill herself.

The person once again warns Hriday to not believe her, he informs that Radha is not lying now since she can never take a false vow of Mohan’s name, he agrees to let Gungun leave so throws the knife.

Radha slowly kneels down when Hriday asks Gungun to go and meet her friend one last time, she rushes to hug Radha and they both start crying restlessly, Hriday is also moved but then after a while asks for a cloth, Radha assures there is nothing to be worried about since she will go back home, Gungun refuses to leave without her.

Radha explains she must go back and tell Mohan the truth about whatever has happened, she must not lie and believe that Mohan jee would handle the situation. Hriday gets a little worried but Radha tries to make Gungun understand.

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