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Radha Mohan 24th October 2022 Radha along with Ketki are enjoying with the children, the criminal is worried about what might happen to him if the bomb blasts as he would also die, Damini is worried thinking what might happen if Radha finds out about the bomb as then she would inform Mohan who would surely throw her out of his life, she is worried if what she fears might happen.

Kadambari calling Damini from behind asks what is she worried about that might happen, Damini mentions she is afraid of everything since her wedding was fixed because she ahs seen what hs happened in the two functions, Kadambari thinking explains this is what this pooja has been kept for so she doesnot feel anything is wrong,

Kadambari asks her to bring the dresses which she had asked for the Brahman, Damini however doesnot respond which worries Kadambari who also asks her if there is something wrong, Damini hesitantly assures everything is fine but then Kadambari replies she would ask Dulari to bring them, Kadambari is worried why is Damini so worried.

Mohan looking at the portrait of Tulsi exclaims that yesterday his biggest fear was about to be the truth since she left him to take care of Gungun when he cannot even take care of himself properly, he exclaims had Radha not helped him yesterday he would not have been able to do anything properly. Mohan turns the portrait in anger.

The friend of Gungun asks if Radha is her new mother, Gungun replies she is not hearing which the friend gets sad, Gungun exclaims she also used to get sad but now feels delighted which worries Radha, she asks what Gungun means, she explains she is relieved knowing she can get whatever she desires.

Damini is worried if Radha finds the truth about the bomb as she has very good eyesight, Rahul rushes into the room asking if she is going anywhere, Damini informs it is related to their office. He apologizes for suspecting her yesterday after believing Ketki is telling the truth,

Damini replies she doesnot know what he is thinking about and believes this partnership would not be like this much longer, Rahul exclaims they have to believe in this partnership to get what they desire, Damini wonders how can she get rid of Rahul thinking Parthap might make a mistake.

Radha is excited and even Gungun is enjoying a lot while Parthap is really worried.

Rahul exclaims that even if there is nothing common between them but the one thing which they both want is Radha, and the purpose to oust her from this house, Damini thinks he is an idiot as she wishes to get rid of Radha from this world, Tulsi requests Rahul to not believe Damini as she is just using her, Damini rushes out of the room explaining she has to send some important emails so rushes out of the room, Tulsi gets worried wondering what is she planning.

Isha compliments how Gungun is really blessed to have a friend like her as even her mother cannot take care of her, Radha questions Gungun why is she talking like this abo8ut her mother, Gungun reveals because she works and is not even able to come for the Parents teacher meeting, Parthap is worried thinking he has to do something.

Damini assures she is going to send the sample to him, Kadambari requests Ajit to look at the things once again, Damini after searching thinks she has found a way to remove both Radha and Gungun.

Damini starts calling Parthap but he doesnot answer it, everyone in the bus gets irritated which worries her as she thinks if Radha has caught him, Ketki asks why is he not answering his call, she asks him to answer it but he doesnot respond, Radha signals Ketki so requests the student to go and inform he peon his phone is ringing.

The boy goes to the peon who angrily scolds him instructing that he should go and sit at the bench, Ketki getting furious exclaims he is not answering his own call so is yelling at the student, Radha requests her to sit down since there are children in the bus, Radha notices there is something wrong with the peon so wonders what has happened to him.

Ketki is arguing with Ajit mentioning he did not even wish her when she was leaving, Radha getting worried asks if everything is fine when Ketki replies she also sometimes wishes to behave like a wife.

Radha thinks of also giving the peon sweets and ask what the problem is, Parthap is worried thinking she is coming towards her, she offers him but he doesnot respond to her, Damini once again starts calling Parthap while Radha is standing beside him, requesting him to answer the call.

Damini is worried thinking if Radha caught Parthap and he told her that she is planning to kill Gungun. Kadambari questions what she is planning to do, Damini replies she is just doing some office work but Kadambari assures she heard everything.

Radha asks why is he so worried, she requests to call the doctor as he might have also eaten the laddo which was mixed with poison, Parthap yells at her saying that she should go back on her seat as he doesnot want anything, Radha is really tensed when Parthap explains today is his first day so she is worried, Radha assures there is nothing to be worried about as Bihari je would take care of everything, Radha suspects that she has seen him somewhere but he explains he just came here, he explains she calmed him down after speaking about Bihari jee since a poor person is really concerned about his job. Radha assures him everything would be fine before going to sit back on her seat.

Kadambari is furious with Damini questioning what did she think that such a big thing would remain hidden from her, Damini is left baffled when Kadambari informs she heard everything that Damini said on the phone and had really high hopes that she knew everything but if she had any quarries then should have asked her or pandit jee, she was talking about the Tulsi jee on photo of Ganesh jee,

Damini assures she would change it. Tulsi requests Kadambari to not believe anything that Damini is saying as it would surely be a lie however Kadambari rushes into the house, she asks why Mohan not came till now, Tulsi thinks he would have also suspected the problems which is about to come so they should not have send Gungun, Ketki and Radha alone.

Mohan is sitting with Kadambari explaining the things happen in his life to prove how helpless he actually is, he also saw this fire once before and if what had happened to Tulsi also happened to Gungun, he would have died, Kadambari assures why is he thinking about what never happened as Bhagwan ended the problem,

Mohan exclaims it was Radha as he is her father and would give his life but what about Radha as she also jumped into the bore well without having any sort of relation to Gungun. Mohan informs how she always wanted to get him married but now when her desires are coming true she is not happy, Kadambari recalls all the threats that Damini made to ruin the life of Mohan, she thinks if it is the right time to tell Mohan the truth.

Radha while walking notices the phone in his hand, she thinks he just said he is poor but then how does he have an expensive mobile like Mohan jee, she still suspects she has seen him somewhere, Radha finally realizes he is the kidnapper so is stunned.

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