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Radha Mohan 23rd August 2022 Mohan mentions he is taking his Radharani with him and if he wishes to have her back then should return his Radha, so just as he is alone then Bihari jee would also be alone,

Kadambari rushes to inform him how they cannot fight like this with Bhagwan, Mohan replies this is just a test as he is habitual of testing the humans so now has to also do it, Kadambari replies they cannot even take his test but Mohan is not ready to accept it questioning why do humans always have to pay the price as even the Bhagwan has to bear it, Dadi requests Mohan to always trust Bhagwan as whatever he does has a reason,

Mohan replies even she has been praying to him for so long but what did she get in return as her Radha is in the well fighting for her life. Mohan explains some verses from Bhagwat Geeta leaving everyone stunned, he explains that Radha has spent her life just for his cause then why is he taking such tests of Radha.

Kadambari requests Mohan to not take the sin of separating Kana jee and Radharani as they both are meant for each other when Mohan questions what sort of sin as he always took Tulsi away from him and was about to snatch Gungun, while Radha is still trapped. Mohan explains that Bhagwan only knows how to take things from them when he must also know how to give, everyone is stunned.

Mohan vows to steal all the Radharani from this world if anything happens to Radha, he explains how Radha says Bihari je controls whatever happens in this world so now he must save Radha. Mohan leaves with Radharani when Dadi stops her, saying she must let Mohan do what he wants as those who stand in front of Bhagwan also believe in them so behind the veil of disbelief is a strong belief which Mohan has, they should therefor let him take the murti, Kadambari hears the cry of Gungun so leaves.

Kadambari is sitting beside Gungun, she explains that the doctor has gone to take the medicine but she must try to sleep for some time, Kadambari praises her when she calls Tulsi assuring that Gungun is fine now as Radha managed to save her but now she herself is trapped and if anything happens to her then the Trivedi family would not be able to bear the pain, Tulsi exclaims that Radha would be fine because if anything happens to Radha then from now on no one would bow before Bihari jee so nothing should happen to her.

Mohan is walking with the Murti in his hand while Dadi is following her, everyone is stunned seeing him walking with murti which he places over the desk, they all watch him stunned when he is standing in front of the well.

Lata questions why did he bring the murti but doesnot understand it. Mohan is standing so he goes over to the well meanwhile the Major explains they have a good news since they got an old blue print, which shows there is an old sewerage pipeline and if they manage to dig it the would be able to reach the girl without any problem otherwise the life of the child might be at risk.

Mohan recalls the words of the Major when he starts walking leaving everyone stunned, they all wonder what he is planning to do. Mohan removes the cover while they all pull him back, Shekar asks if he has gotten mad since the rescue team is here to do these things. Mohan explains that Radha is waiting for him to come and save her,

she believes he would surely save her life because of the trust so he cannot ruin it, he asks Shekar to leave him but they donot listen so Mohan after pushing him away jumps into the well they all try to call him but Mohan doesnot listen to them and reaches the end of the hole, the reporters try their best to take the pictures.

Kadambari pulls Rahul away when the Major asks Mohan to come outside but Shekar replies he would not hear to anyone and will come out with Radha, Damini questions what is he doing since he might get hurt, Kadambari explains no one would stop him since whatever Radha did for them today could not have been done by anyone else, so it is their time to return the favor.

Hriday praises Mohan asking him to bring out his lottery ticket when Lata asks him to not forget about Gungun, Kadambari instructs the Major to also go and help Mohan but he replies that it is dangerous as only a single person can dig, Mohan replies that he would be the one to dig it. The reporters explain that the Trivedi family is once again in the same position but this time the daughter of their family is stuck, and the person who is making the most efforts is Mohan Trivedi.

Tulsi sitting beside Gungun assures nothing would happen to Radha as her father will surely manage to save her.
Mohan is digging with all his might while constantly thinking about all the efforts which Radha has put to end all the differences which existed between him and his family, she was always there to support him in each and every problem. The doctor explains that Radha is not able to breathe properly, so they request Mohan to hurry up, he is digging with all his might to help Radha, Damini and Hriday both are really tensed.

Mohan manages to reach the pipeline and then hits it causing the air pocket to release, they all are really happy to see that he managed to find the pipeline. Mohan wears the cap with the torch before assuring that is coming, he jumps into the pipeline when the Major places the laptop explaining how they would be able to see when Mohan reaches her.

Mohan is crawling towards the well, he thinks how Radha said that now her life is in his hands and she knows he would not let her die, her Mohan jee is always by his side. Mohan reaching the other side calls to Radha,

but she doesnot respond to his calls. He is really tensed. Damini questions why are they not able to see Mohan, he notices the wall and so starts hitting it with the metal rod to reach Radha, he uses all of his strength so is finally able to break through h to reach Radha, they all are relieved and Mohan is just staring at Radha who is sleeping.

Mohan keeps calling Radha to open her eyes but she doesnot respond, Kadambari is joyed to see that Mohan finally reached Radha, Major praises Mohan for his efforts. Mohan explains that Gungun is calling her and so she also needs to listen, she is always talking but when he is asking her to open her eyes she is not listening. Radha finally opens her eyes and is relieved to see Mohan in front of her, she explains she has complete trust that he would come to save her, the both are staring at each other while Radha starts smiling.

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