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Radha Mohan 20th July 2022 Hiydei is walking towards the door while Mohan tries to follow him but Damini questions where is he going in such a rush, he replies that he will tell her after returning which worries Damini.

In the night Gungun wonders what is taking so long, Radha enters the room with the food exclaim that she is looking for her father, Gungun questions what does she mean when Radha replies she meant Mohan jee who is her father, Radha replies her relation with him cannot end,

Gungun requests her to not start with the lecture when she replies that she is really tensed, Radha questions what is the problem so Gungun says the only tension in her life is Radha,, she questions what has she done when Gungun asks her to go and send him as soon as he comes back since she wants to talk about something important with him.

Radha with a smile exclaims that she is going to leave but Gungun asks her to send him. Radha sits in front of Bihari jee exclaiming she is glad that Gungun is looking for her father even if it is because of the work, but still, she doesnot consider him as her father so he needs to show her a way.

Hiydei is walking towards the street, Mohan following him wonders who has he come to meet on this street, Hiydei walks to the corner so Mohan is still following him, Hiydei then takes a turn so he can hide while Mohan wonders where did he go because he went back without any proof then Mohan would scold him.

Hiydei at once apologizes to the person explaining he was not able to come because he was busy at work, the person replies he can see that Hiydei is going to leave with a large amount which can be seen with the gold chain that is in his neck.

The person demands five lacs rupees because Hiydei is in the house of the Trivedi, Hiydei informs that even his mother had to give her own bangles at this moment, hearing this the person asks for the chain that he is wearing, Hiydei requests if he can make him wear it so has a smile on his face.

Radha stands while her father is standing, he questions if she is really happy with this marriage to which Radha agrees but he replies he doesnot feel like it as he can see the happiness in her eyes which is not present,

he explains that he doesnot want her to feel the burden of the society, she can refuse if she doesnot like Hiydei as he is going to stand with his daughter but even her Dadi would accept his decision, Radha replies she would have seem something in Hiydei so has accepted his proposal.

Hiydei while suffocating the person exclaims he has started to think of himself as an actual jailer so now he must die, he is suffocating the person who is trying his best to resist meanwhile Mohan is walking out searching for the person, he opens a door and then is shocked to see Shekar so questions what is he doing here,

Shekar replies that Kadambari asked them to not go because there are ghost, Mohan mentions she said it so they should not go in the nigh but he is still scared of it, Shekar requests him to come since he wants to return but Mohan mentions he heard Hiydei coming here so would not leave without searching for him. Hiydei is suffocating the person who starts bleeding.

Mohan and Shekar are walking when they hear the sound of the payals, Shekar asks if he heard it when Mohan replies this means it is a girl whom Shekar would have come to meet, Mohan explains this is a market but not any graveyard, Shekar replies he has heard a lot of stories about this place so suggests they should leave,

Mohan mentions he saw Hiydei coming here so needs to find him, he asks Shekar to not leave him alone but when the cart starts moving on its own, Shekar runs away, Mohan exclaims that he must come to see it but also runs when Shekar is not there, he places his hand on Shekar who gets scared so he says he warned him to not go there, Mohan replies he has a setting with the ghosts when Shekar refuses to stay back and leaves with Mohan.

Hiydei is sitting while the person finally starts breathing heavily, Hiydei exclaims he cannot tolerate the rudeness, the person starts seeking forgiveness when he leaves him, Hiydei asks if he knows how soft is his heart so the person requests Hiydei to let him go,

he replies he is a simple person who stays like this when no one misbehaves with him but if the person apologizes to Hiydei before running to save his life, Hiydei asks him to listen saying he can take the chain, Hiydei once again wears it when someone hits him from behind with a stick.

Radha knocks on the door calling Mohan jee, she wonders if he has not returned till now as Gungun is waiting for him, Kadambari calls Radha asking why does she seem so tensed, Radha replies that she was looking for Mohan as he has not eaten anything since morning,

Kadambari replies the girl who is about to get married in three weeks has a lot of happiness but she doesnot seem delighted at all, Radha assures she is happy when Kadambari replies she knows they do not have any relation but now she is about to get married from this house then must consider her as a mother,

Radha replies that she has a problem with the three weeks, as she will not be able to do the tasks, Kadambari questions when Radha explains she saw he was not happy at his engagement and so decided to make sure that his life becomes normal,

first is that he should once again believe in Bihari jee while the second is to end his differences with Gungun and the third is so she can fill his life with happiness, Kadambari is stunned when she exclaims that she has never taken such big vows for her son but his happiness is not her responsibility.

Hiydei turning back questions if she has lost her mind, Damini questions why is he trying to waste the one chance that she gave him or has he forgotten where she brought him from, Hiydei recalls how he was sitting beside the river where a tourist came, he started telling her a fake story about how his grandfather got the peacock feather from Bihari jee, she gave him the entire money.

Damini explains if she had not brought him from the Mandir then he would be in the jail, she threatens to take his life if anyone including Mohan finds out she brought him, Hiydei is stunned hearing this while Damini is furious.

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