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Radha Mohan 19th October 2022 Damini mentions she knows who put the kerosene in the kitchen, she slowly starts walking towards Radha but then turns to Dulari, she slaps her hard which stuns everyone, Kaveri calls her when Radha also tries to stop her,

Damini questions why does Dulari to not pay attention as everything happened because of her, she replies she knows it since the delivery people came to the house, she questions if she should make her remember, Dulari apologizes explaining it was just a mistake, Mohan questions how can she make such a big mistake as it might have caused a lot of problem for them,

Mohan asks Damini to not beat her but as she is once again is about to slap her, Radha stops Damini coming in between of her and Dulari, she exclaims it is enough as she cannot slap Dulari like this,

she doesnot have any right, Damini exclaims she doesnot know what might have happened to Gungun so Radha must be glad she is not taking her life, Damini goes to Mohan saying her heart is still beating since they were about to lose their daughter and all because of Dulari. Radha explains that the truth about a person can only be known by their intention and not what is right and wrong, they all know how much Dulari loves Gungun and she would not do anything that might harm Gungun,

Dulari has always served this house like a daughter, she works the entire day for them just because she is servant, Damini thought she can slap her. Radha replies even servants are humans and everyone has their self respect, she turns to Mohan asking if he also thinks her mistake is unforgivable then he can fire her right now, but no one has the right to slap her or hurt their self-respect.

Kadambari mentions they cannot do what has happened, she is thankful as they were saved from such a big event and everything is fine as Gungun is safe. Radha says it was not an accident. Mohan asks what he means, Radha turning to him explains just as Hriday came to the house and she fell in the bore well, it was not an accident. Radha reveals this was also not an accident. Radha reveals someone has done it with utmost planning, Dulari places the kerosene by mistake, and it catches fire, Tulsi agrees with Radha mentioning Damini is behind it.

Radha reveals she and Gungun has faced such situations a lot of times in the past where their lives were at risk, it can be a coincidence and not at all. Mohan thinks about what Radha said and someone is helping Hriday, he once again looks to Rahul, but Radha stops him revealing they would not do it by assumption rather with proof, so they should call those who are professional.

Damini requests Radha to say it clearly, Radha mentions she wants him to call the police. Damini and Kaveri are stunned, and Mohan agrees mentioning they should call the police, Damini stops him saying they should not do it, everyone is tensed when Tulsi asks Damini to confess if she has done it and tried to harm Gungun, Ketki questions why they should not call the police,

Radha also explains they must call them, Gungun was in danger twice. Damini questions if her stupidity never ends, she explains this would get out and the court might not grant them custody of Gungun, Kaveri defends Damini. Mohan also agrees with her saying if this news got out then the child welfare representatives would come, Dulari asks Radha to stop since it was her mistake and she placed the cans on the self,

Kadambari warns Dulari to end this situation right now, she warns her to not make any such mistake otherwise she would be fired. Damini smiles thinking her plan succeeded, Tulsi assures Radha she is right to suspect Damini, Kadambari exclaims Bihari jee made sure a big incident got over.

Mohan takes Gungun so she can rest, Kadambari thinks she is going to praise him in the pooja tomorrow, Radha turns to witness Damini staring at her but she leaves. Dulari exclaims she is hurting but Radha is applying the ice pack, Dulari after a while also hugs Radha mentioning no one talked about her self-respect but she felt nice today, Dulari explains she did not do anything by mistake and even forgot when she ordered, Damini told her to get it from the delivery person.

Radha asks Dulari if Damini told her about the kerosene when Dulari replies that she would go and sleep in her own room however Radha assures she cannot let her remain alone today, so prepares a bed for her on the floor. Radha wonders how she can tell Dulari that she is being framed just as Rahul was framed. Radha thinks Damini was indeed furious with Gungun, but can she really stoop so low for her revenge, she thinks of finding if Damini is such a person who can take the life of anyone then Mohan jee should not marry her.

Tulsi sees the talcum powder in the hall and then goes into the kitchen where she sees the earring, Tulsi is furious.

Kaveri says Kadambari should not talk about ending the relation like this since Gungun is also their family member and they would not do anything of the sort, Kadambari warns her to not do this emotional drama since she knows what Damini is capable off, she can do anything to marry Mohan. Kaveri takes Kadambari showing that Damini is sleeping, she informs if Damini was at fault, then would she be sleeping like this, Kaveri thinks that her daughter is sleeping so peacefully but she is stunned to see that they are just pillows.

Tulsi throws Damini on the floor asking if she got such courageous that she tried to kill her daughter, Tulsi vows to not let her live and starts pulling her towards the balcony, Damini requests that she has not done anything but then Tulsi starts suffocating her mentioning she should take the name of Bhagwan as today is her last day, Tulsi lifts Damini in the air, she keeps requesting Tulsi to let her go assuring she has not done anything wrong, Tulsi agrees to let her go but then she lets go of Damini who falls on the ground.

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