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Radha Mohan 18th October 2022 Mohan assures Gungun he is coming so jumps into the fire even when Damini warns him to not go, he calls to Gungun assuring she would be fine and is himself about to be burnt, Radha requests him to go back when Damini thinks if she had any idea that Mohan would himself jump then she would not have done anything of the sort, Mohan sees the fire extinguisher but then informs it is broken, Damini recalls how she switched it so starts panicking.

Ajit and Ketki rush back to bring water, Mohan also sees the mud vase in the corner and jumps towards it he breaks the vase which causes Tulsi to be saved, she exclaims their love is so strong, so he was still able to save her and even her soul if not her body. Mohan notices the tap so jumps over it while everyone else gets really worried, he tries to turn on the tap but the water is so slow,

Kadambari questions Dulari why is there no water in the house, Mohan stumbles which scares them all so they are worried for Mohan, Kadambari questions Rahul where is the fire extinguisher, he replies he checked the entire house but was not able to find any, Mr Trivedi informs even the rescue team is on the way.

Kaveri exclaims that Mohan has started using his mind so would surely find a solution to it. Gungun requests Mohan to do something as she is feeling warm. Mohan asks if Gungun recalls what Radha says that Bihari jee only helps those who try to help themselves and are brave, Radha is not able to understand what Mohan is doing, he instructs her to remove everything. Mohan stands up and manages to jump over to them both, he instructs Gungun to put his feet in the sack,

they all donot understand anything but he asks Gungun to hurry up. Mohan requests her to remember Bihari jee, he then ties the sack asking Ajit to catch Gungun, Kadambari warns that Gungun might fall but Mohan throws Gungun with all his might and ajit along with Rahul are able to catch her,

they all are relieved. Kaveri exclaims she once again lost as Mohan threw Gungun out like a ball and they even caught her, Ajit helps Gungun come out of the sack assuring if they are fine and did she burn herself, Gungun explains that he would also throw Radha out the same way, Tulsi thanks Bihari je for saving Gungun.

Mohan starts searching so Radha asks what is he doing, he says he is searching for the things to save her but Radha replies she will not leave him here and they both are going together, Mohan replies he already lost Tulsi so cannot lose her to, everyone is stunned when Mohan mentions she would have to do what he asks her and Mohan hugs Radha as she is about to be burnt, Kadambari requests Radha to be careful.

Mohan and Radha start coughing because of the fire, Mohan notices the shelf is about to fall on Radha, he hugs Radha while holding the shelf, the oil can falls from it. Damini is stunned seeing it but everyone else is relieved. Radha keeps staring Mohan in the eyes as they both are really close to each other, Mohan explains he doesnot want anything after he manages to save her,

he will not feel bad if he dies but Radha stops him mentioning there is no need to talk like this, she mentions he doesnot have to only keep Gungun alive but has to spend his entire life with her, she while coughing explains he still has to do a lot like watching her grow older and send her abroad for higher studies.

Gungun calls for Radha but she says to Mohan he even has to beat those boys who would tease Gungun, Radha explains he has to perform the rituals of her life as she needs him in every walk of her life so must never say that it doesnot matter if he dies, she reveals he cannot let go of her hand when Mohan exclaims even he doesnot want to let go of her but she must look around as if he has to save the life of one of them, Radha replies he said that Radha and Mohan are always together so there is not any problem which they both cannot face, he questions if she is once again saying the dialogues so asks her to see that fire is all around them,

it would be difficult to run away. Radha asks him to see that Bihari jee is all around them, revealing whenever she was in trouble Bihari jee always came for their help so she is sure he would once again come for their help, Kadambari yells at someone to help as both Radha and Mohan are in trouble. Kadambari once again calls to them both as they are facing difficulty in breathing, Mohan manages to push the shelf away and hugs Radha, Damini is not able to bear it. Mohan assures nothing would happen to Radha.

Mohan and Radha both get unconscious while they all request them both to wake up but they are still unconscious, the fire starts to increase but Ajit suddenly comes back with the fire extinguisher whish he starts using to end the fire, he keeps trying his best while both Mohan and Radha also wake up after coughing.

Kadambari starts praying to Bihari jee while Ajit after a while manages to put off the fir, Ketki is worried about Radha and Kaveri assures Damini that Mohan is fine. Radha asks Mohan to see that Bihari jee is always around her, Gungun also thanks Bihari jee.

Mohan hugging Gungun assures everything is fine but she keeps on crying, Kadambari is applying the ointment on Radha.

Damini exclaims her entire plan failed as both Radha and Mohan managed to save Gungun, Kaveri exclaims she feels both Radha and Mohan get some powers when they are together and can save everyone.

Mohan asks Gungun how the fire started, she reveals she was playing with Radha, but she slipped and hurt her ankle, she then went to get the medicine from the kitchen but a smelly water fell over her and then the fire suddenly started, Ketki notices that Damini is restless.

Ketki rushes to the kitchen where she smells kerosene and notices the Diya, Ajit informs even the gas was closed but Ketki coming explains the fire started because of the Diya, Mohan questions how did the kerosene reach their kitchen when they use gas, Damini in anger exclaims she knows who is behind it all and starts walking towards Radha, Kadambari wonders if it is the fault of Radha.

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