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Radha Mohan 15th October 2022 Damini goes to Kadambari explaining she knows Dadi loves her a lot but Radha made kheer for her on the day of her mothers birthday and they even celebrated it together which no one of them ever did, she then rushes to Ajit explaining he always orders anything for her but Radha makes the dishes herself in the kitchen,

Ajit is moved hearing this and she even gives her own ice cream to her when it finishes, this is how the mothers are supposed to be. Gungun explains Ketki bua always takes her to buy dresses but never helps her in changing clothes or make sure she gets ready for school, she also applies the Tika so she is not affected by any evil eye, this is how the mothers are supposed to be.

Gungun explains Rahul gives her a toy but he never plays with her, Radha always plays with her so she once again asks Mohan if this how a mother is supposed to be, Radha requests Gungun to stop. She desires to say it now mentioning she was really scared and even wet her bed, but Radha did not hessite and slept the entire night alongside her,

Gungun exclaims no one of them would veer do these things for her, only Radha is standing beside her. Gungun explains to Mohan that his number was blocked in her mobile and she did not like him at all, she used to hate him but they became friends only because of Radha, if he remembers why they partnered because they both were suspicious of Hriday and she even hugged him because of Radha,

as she always kept saying Mohan really loves her and then she realized he truly loves her, she exclaims he also did not have a mother but then got the love of Kadambari. Gungun explains she never saw her mother but if she was here today then would have been exactly like Radha. Damini gets furious. Gungun explains Radha is also just like her mother, Tulsi agrees with Gungun, she demands Mohan should marry Radha if he truly loves her.

Mohan and Radha both are stunned along with the entire family, Gungun explains she just wants to have a mother whom she likes, Rahul stands up in tension while Mohan stares at Gungun as she is crying. Mohan kneeling hugs Gungun, Kaveri rushes to stand beside Damini and is angry.

Mohan and Gungun are still hugging each other, Kaveri exclaims Gungun changed the entire plan and if Mohan agreed then they both would surely become an outsider, Mohan explains that he knows she would not be able to get a better mother then Radha, he exclaims not only Damini but she will not get a better mother from the entire world.

He explains the feelings which she gets from Radha cannot be felt from anyone else but they cannot ruin the life of Radha for their sake, she deserves a better person then him. Mohan asks if she doesnot know how he is since even his own family gets irritated from him, Mohan mentions Damini is his childhood friend and she also wants to marry him but he doesnot want to ruin the life of Radha.

Kaveri says Mohan is telling the truth since everyone gets irritated by him so who would marry Mohan, Damini immediately stops her when Kaveri mentions she is just worrying for Radha as they both also have a big age difference, Gungun questions why is Mohan deciding by himself so should ask Radha.

Gungun rushes to Radha asking her to reveal what she is feeling, Radha while staring at Mohan keeps recalling of all the moments when she felt being close to him, how he was always there to stand beside her and exclaimed she is his Bhagwan, so she also expressed her love for Mohan during the rain.

Tulsi requests Radha to reveal she loves him and doesnot have any problem in marrying Mohan, Gungun requests her to speak if she has any problem in marrying him and becoming her mother, Kaveri exclaims that now Gungun would surely get them both married. Gungun pleads Radha to speak the truth and say she loves Mohan.

Damini starts clapping explaining Radha did what she came here to do, as she has brainwashed Mohan with such things, Mohan tries to stop Damini but she refuses to listen explaining she is not at fault as she was about to have the function, but Radha did it. Damini vows to not stop today,

she blames Radha for brainwashing Gungun who is saying that she wants her to be her mother, she now understands how the name of Radha got printed on the card and why was she able to do the ritual, because this is what she desired from the beginning to use the daughter in order to get to the father.

Gungun blames Radha doesnot get such ideas and these are the doings of Damini, she walks angrily to her and kneeling exclaims she is just a child so would not be able to understand the games of the elders, Gungun pushes her away when Damini stands up once again.

Damini asks if he understands what Radha said mentioning their Gungun is really clever and knows how to behave with people, Radha asks her to stop explaining why would she force her to do anything as she doesnot have such intention, Damini mentions she wants to do it because this so what she was taught, she has accomplished her desires, she blames Radha for trying to become the mother of Gungun and then the wife of Mohan.

Mohan questions Damini why would she do anything of the sort, he asks her so she is about to reveal but suddenly stops which worries the entire family, Tulsi exclaims she should reveal that Radha also loves him because she knows if Mohan finds the truth then he would surely marry her and he is only refusing to marry her because he feels Radha also doesnot love her.

Gungun thinks this is the right time because Radha would never accept it, she forces Damini to reveal the reason Radha would do anything of the sort. Mohan exclaims Damini doesnot have any answer and he knows she was wronged but the blame she is putting on Radha is even worse,

Gungun stops Mohan mentioning they should let Damini speak, Radha stops her explaining they should have some water. Mohan stops Radha and standing in front of her exclaims he no longer has any words to say to her but what happened with her today, they are sorry and if it is possible she can forgive them, truth be told the way she has stood by them is commendable, he thanks Radha,

who replies he must question her love for Gungun because even if she is not the biological mother, she feels Gungun is her daughter. Gungun holding their hands exclaims both of them are looking good together, she once again requests them both to marry each other, as the three of them look like a perfect family, Gungun places the hands of Radha and Mohan over each other, seeing which Damini is furious but Mohan once again stares at Radha.

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