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Radha Mohan 14th October 2022 Gungun mentions they both have not applied each other Haldi, she asks them both to hurry up while also requesting Ajit to take a nice photo. Mohan looks to Radha signaling her, they both take the Haldi on their hands, Mohan is the first one to apply it on Radha’s face which Damini is not able to bear, she gets furious. Damini with utmost effort manages to control her anger.

Chanchal Sharma is smiling, Radha thinks she always thought the stars and moon are in space but she never desired to marry him, she doesnot know what the reason behind it is but is glad she got the right to apply the Haldi of his name on her face. Radha also takes the Haldi on her hand, Mohan turns towards her,

she is still staring at him but then slowly raises his hand to apply the Haldi on his face. They all clap as the Mehndi function ends, Tulsi exclaims she never thought she would let Mohan and Gungun enter the life of someone else, Tulsi exclaims she knows Radha is the best choice for them and so also wants to apply te Haldi on her face, Tulsi takes the Haldi in her hands which she applies on the face of Radha, who gets worried.

Kaveri and Damini get tensed, when Kaveri exclaims even the ghost came to apply the Haldi on her face so since when has she become her friend but Tulsi is not able to apply it to Mohan’s face, recalling how he made her swear that she would never come in front of his family and also not able to harm them.

Tulsi exclaims she can not even come close to him so what can she do, Tulsi sees Radha so she pushes her towards Mohan, Radha hits the cheeks of Mohan causing the Haldi to get applied even on his face, Radha is stunned staring at Mohan who is also shocked.

Damini gets furious thinking no matter the amount of Haldi, Tulsi applies on her face she would never let Radha be close to Mohan, he asks if she has gotten dizzy so can he bring something for her to drink, Radha replies she would never drink anything of the sort. Radha explains how she felt as if someone pushed her towards him. Gungun exclaims that her parents can not stay away from each other.

Damini gets a call from the criminal who assures he would be able to bring the belongings to the house, but she must take care of how she would take it inside, Damini mentions she knows how to take care of her duties.

Chanchal Sharma mentions that both the parents of Gungun love each other a lot and are also capable of taking care of her, she turns back informing how her work here is done but Gungun stops her mentioning she cannot leave without applying the Haldi to her parents, Gungun also hands her the card to the wedding,

requesting that she come as a guest. Damini gets furious thinking she also wants Radha to take her place at the wedding after today, Damini explains there is a lesson for her as the stepmother that every wrong action results in punishment, which would be granted and Gungun would surely get the punishment after what she ahs done today and it would be death.

Chanchal Sharma explains she has finally seen what she was sent here to, she assures Mohan that the report would be in her favor and the decision of the court would also be on their side, she decides to leave wishing both Radha and Mohan on their wedding. Gungun agrees to show her the way out.

Gungun comes back when Mohan along with the entire family is staring at her, they all are really angry and Mohan questions what has she done today, he says she has crossed all the limits today. Radha tries to calm down Mohan explaining they should let it go and he must not scold Gungun, he should see how Chanchal gave them a good news, Mohan explains they would have to tell her what is right and wrong, he asks her to not interfere as she always protects Gungun.

Mohan questions what sort of a joke was this as she did not seem to think it might hurt someone, Mohan asks if she thought about Radha and how she would feel, Kadambari is also shocked as Mohan only cares about Radha, Damini is baffled. Mohan mentions Radha is her best friend so does a friend do something, Kaveri exclaims the lifetime desire of Radha was fulfilled as she always wanted to marry Mohan, Damini getting furious stares Kadambari, she asks if Gungun thought how hurt Damini would feel by her actions as today was her Haldi but Gungun made Radha sit and even called her as the mother, this is not right.

Mohan agrees with Kadambari, he explains he can understand how hurt she would be feeling as she has longed for this wedding for a long time and stood by him in all the difficult times but today when it was his turn he failed, Mohan apologizes seeking her forgiveness, Damini rushes to Mohan holding his hand and she even hugs him. Gungun however pulls Damini away from Mohan,

everyone is once again shocked. Gungun asks her to stay away from Mohan, Tulsi praises that Damini is not suitable to be with Mohan. Gungun mentions there is no need to apologize to Damini as she is really bad, Gungun explains it is not a joke and she was serious as she always said she hates Damini, however Mohan doesnot want to listen to her, he said he was marrying so she gets a mother but she doesnot get the feeling of a mother from Damini, she just wants a mother like Radha pointing towards her. Mohan turns to see Radha standing behind him. Damini is even more furious.

Mohan questions what she is saying, Gungun clarifies she wants a mother like Radha or wants Radha as her mother, she doesnot want this stupid Damini who is always scolding her and trying to dictate how to life her life, she always rings like a school bell. Kaveri questions why anyone would not scold her as she is really mischievous and they can just make them understand after scolding them,

Gungun questions then how Radha was able to control as she never scolded her and even then managed to convince her, she knows she is naughty but Radha still takes care of her. Gungun asks if they recall how she misbehaved with her when she first came and was the person who brought her back when she tried to run, even the son of Damini’s friend locked her in the trunk, only Radha stood by her side.

Gungun explains Radha jumped to protect her from the bore well, she came to hit Hriday when he tried to harm her, she doesnot even hurt a mosquito but for her sake started beating Hriday. Gungun exclaims Radha would never let anything happen to her as she loves her, Radha is the only one who gives her the feeling of a mother. Damini is even more furious but the rest of them are relieved. Gungun rushes to hug Radha who is stunned. Radha also embraces Gungun as a mother when she requests Radha to become her mother. Mohan is also silent as Radha cries holding Gungun in her arms.

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