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Radha Mohan 12th October 2022 Gungun mentions today Damini has given her a lot of pain so she should not talk with her in this manner, Damini hurting the cheeks of Gungun exclaims she is the body guard of Radha but today she would suffer the pain and if she says yes then would call her mother otherwise would be thrown out of the house,

Tulsi is angrily looking at Damini as she pulls Gungun to hug her, Damini explains she must see the entire family including her grandmother and Grandfather along with uncle and aunt, she should see them the last time because if she doesnot call her mother in the function today, the bad people from social service would take her away and she will never be able to return,

Tulsi warns Damini to leave her daughter questioning if she forgot what happened the last time, Damini warns she must learn to call her mother otherwise she should pack her bags, Tulsi pushes Damini away who questions for how long would she be able to protect Gungun as she would have to come and accept her as the mother, she did not let her live in peace neither is she going to let Gungun live.

Radha while working starts thinking about what Damini said to her that she doesnot need the help of outsiders and how Gungun explained until she doesnot tell Mohan the truth about her feelings, Damini would surely always make them both cry. Kadambari coming asks what is she doing but before Radha is able to say anything,

Damini explains that until those who love do not work for the function how can it be auspicious, Radha really loves both Mohan and her so if she works then their relation would be for generations to come, Kadambari leaves when Damini exclaims she should crush the Haldi with her tears as then it would be good for her,

Radha looks angrily at her when Damini asks if she is going to complain to Mohan or say anything else, Radha looking at Mohan calls him hearing which Damini is stunned so she suddenly stands up, he asks what has happened so Radha requests him to come as Damini wants to talk to him.

Mohan comes up to her which worries Damini, Radha explains she wants to tell him, he is eager to listen but Radha asks Mohan why is she so tensed since the morning as everything would be fine. Mohan replies it would be fine when Gungun ends taking tension and they win the case, Radha assures she is his daughter and knows how to handle such situations, Kaveri coming trying to change the topic praises Radha for crushing the Haldi really well,

she explains that after the ritual of Haldi both the bride and groom come close to each other, and does she know that her Damini and Mohan would come close because of Radha, Rahul starts smiling while Kaveri praises both Mohan and Damini for being a nice couple, Radha manages to calm herself while Damini is also smiling. Gungun is really scared.

Tulsi exclaims Kaveri is wrong as the bride and groom do not come close but the hearts come close and the heart of Mohan already belongs to Radha, Gungun starts recalling about all those times when Damini tried to harm her and she even threw the frame of her mother,

Gungun is thinking when someone calls Mr Trivedi standing at the door, they all see that a women walks into the house with a lawyer, she introduces herself as Chanchal Sharma from child welfare department and Mr Shukla from the district department, she mentions that she has come to meet his daughter. Mohan introduces himself and Gungun, she straight walks to Gungun asking if she is fine.

Gungun hesitantly exclaims she is fine when Chanchal explains she is her friend and only come to see how she lives in this house, she assures there is no need for her to be scared and she must speak up, Chanchal assures she doesnot have to be scared from anyone and needs to speak up but Gungun is still standing there quietly.

She recalls how Mohan explained she needs to show she is really happy, and Radha requested her to call Damini as her mother, and after that even Damini threatened her. Chanchal Sharma asks her to speak up, Gungun hesitantly exclaims she has to say how she feels here, she mentions she is like a princess and there is not a family like her anywhere else, Damini is relieved so starts smiling.

Gungun goes to Kadambari introducing she is her grandmother who is the best in the world, no one can make kheer like her, Gungun then brings Rahul uncle mentioning he also buys new gadgets for her including this smart watch. She after Rahul introduces Ajit informing, he drops her to the school while also buying new toys for her. Gungun informs how Ketki is always there to help her in buying new clothes for her.

Gungun explains that even her grandfather doesnot stop telling her stories about Hanuman and Krishan. She mentions Mohan is her partner who is a little angry at certain times, but he is always there to protect her whenever she faces any problem.

Chanchal Sharma kneels mentioning this means she is perfectly happy, Gungun exclaims she is happy but today her level of happiness is double as today the Haldi of her parents, Gungun praises Bihari jee for listening her prayers as she would surely get her mother. Tulsi thinks the acting of Gungun has gotten way out of hand.

Gungun mentions they should now start the function so she takes Mohan to sit on the sofa, Gungun turns asking Mumma why she is standing there as she must come here, they all are tensed while Radha is crying.

Gungun asks her to come once again before walking over to her, Damini raises her hand thinking Gungun would take her to sit beside Mohan, but Gungun goes to Radha and taking her hand she starts pulling her towards Mohan asking her to hurry up, Mohan and the entire family is stunned as Gungun takes Radha towards the dice, Damini is not able to bear it and even Tulsi is shocked.

The entire Trivedi family is standing in shock as Gungun makes Radha sit beside Mohan for the Haldi function. Gungun introduces Radha as her mother, they all are not able to understand what is happening while Tulsi is relieved. Gungun exclaims she is the best mother in the world and so hugs her, Ketki also smiles while Rahul is stunned. Gungun exclaims she really loves her and even kisses Radha, she turns to look at Mohan who is also shocked.

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