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Radha Mohan 11th October 2022 Radha reveals Gungun would have to call Damini as her mother, Mohan explains that she must show she likes Damini and she can also become her mother, he reveals he knows she doesnot like Damini but if they find out then they would take her away from him.

Damini starts smiling standing outside. Radha mentions she always taught her to speak the truth and she knows that Bihari je said in Bhagwat Geeta if they lie for a true cause then it is not wrong. So she would have to lie tomorrow so she can stay with her father and the entire family, Gungun exclaims she even wants to live with her,

Radha thinks she wishes it was possible but she feels their relation is just for a short period of time. Gungun questions if this is the only way she must live with them, Gungun assures she would do anything to live with Mohan and will call that Damini as her mother, Gungun immediately hugs Radha who starts weeping and even Mohan is worried.

In the night Radha is in the kitchen, Damini entering through the door asks how it feels to lose since she was adamant to end her marriage yesterday but today had to convince Gungun to call her as mother.

Radha mentions that her victory would be decided by Bihari jee but how could Damini think she has won, she had to convince Gungun to call her as mother knowing it was just an act, Damini would have won if Gungun called her with her own heart but she did it only because of Mohan and Gungun so they do not have to live away from each other.

Damini explains Gungun would learn to call her mother after she gets married, Radha replies that the feeling of motherhood doesnot come after being married but it is just a feeling, Damini questions does she not get tired lecturing them all when Radha replies she feels Damini always wishes to fight,

she would surely pick the thorns from her wedding if she is true to this family but if she is not true then Radha vows to not let this wedding happen even if Bihari jee comes to stand in front of her. Radha explains as for rituals they have not till now accepted Damini, and what is their desire would be seen tomorrow in the Haldi. Damini thinks only she has the right to decide what happens and no one can stop her, she will be the one wo gets married to Mohan.

In the morning the entire Trivedi family is enjoying the Haldi function while dancing, Mohan and Damini walk down the stairs together. Gungun is furious seeing Damini standing in front of her, she immediately runs away which worries Radha who even tries to stop her but she doesnot listen.

Kaveri while dancing takes money from Ajit so she can end the bad omens. Kaveri slowly starts giving all the drum players money. Kaveri suddenly asks them all to stop, she requests Ajit to have a nice song played as she is the mother of the bride so wants to dance, Ajit agrees requesting her to take care of the money.

Ajit along with Kaveri and everyone else start the performance, Radha is not at all happy to see them and she is really tensed but they all are still performing. Damini is also enjoying herself standing beside Mohan,

Ajit signals Kaveri the song has ended, she mentions the glasses look better on her then even Katrina. Kadambari calls Kaveri asking what the need was to do all this, Mohan also explains they decided to hold a small function. Radha explains Gungun is also really tensed since yesterday so what was the need to do all this, Damini asks what Radha means as she is the one getting married to Mohan so has the right to decide,

Damini explains if Gungun got scared so why should they stop enjoying. Kaveri signals her to stop. Tulsi exclaims the truth came out of her mouth as she enjoys when others get hurt. Damini clarifies they are doing this all for Gungun because when the people from child protection arrive they would see how everyone is enjoying and nothing should be fake, Shekar agrees with Damini.

Mohan replies even if the health of the child is affected, he doesnot even listen to Damini. Kadambari assures they are doing this for Gungun and have to do it either way, Mohan leaves in anger when Radha tries to follow him but Damini stops Radha questioning where is she going since this is the function of her and Mohan, the entire family is here but what relation does Radha have,

she tries to explains when Rahul asks what is the need to interfere in every matter as she must go and help Dulari. Damini replies just as she said before, they as husband and wife would take care of everything but what is the need of Radha who is an outsider. Tulsi explains she must not feel bad since this is what Damini knows and is good at. Radha leaves when Rahul wishes her happy haldi after which they all hold the hands together.

Radha is in the kitchen crying when Gungun notices it so coming asks if she is crying, Radha refuses so Gungun explains until she doesnot tell Mohan she loves him, Damini would make them both cry like this and if Damini is married to him, she would also make him cry so Radha must tell Mohan the truth.

Radha explains that it is important Gungun stays in this house even if she ahs to leave so she cannot do anything by herself, Damini and Kaveri are furious seeing this from the window. Tulsi exclaims one should learn from her how to ruin the desires of oneself for the sake of others,

she has done everything but never expects anything in return. She is still not saying anything when Mohan is getting married to someone else as this is what makes a mother because of the will to sacrifice everything, Tulsi prays that just as the first function was performed by Radha and Mohan then the Haldi should be also performed by them both.

Damini and Kaveri are walking down when she explains that her daughter played a big trick as if Gungun doesnot call her mother then she would have to leave the house, and even Radha will cry when she gets married to Mohan.

Damini explains she played the game of the queen by using all the tricks, she vows to not let Mohan win the case after she gets married to him and then Radha will have no point in living here so she would also leave. Kaveri questions then what about the ghost of Tulsi, Damini assures she is in talks with guru Maa and would take care of her after Gungun.

Kaveri questions her how the black glasses was looking on her, she while dancing sees Gungun coming so signals Damini, she asks Gungun to go and get ready as today is a function in the house. Gungun replies she hates Damini and would never call her Mumma, she warns her to not misbehave with Radha when Damini pulling her cheeks explains that if Gungun doesnot call her Mumma then she would have her thrown out of the house.

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