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Radha Mohan 10th October 2022 Mohan explains that the grandmother wants the custody of Gungun when she has not been with her ever since she was born, he informs Shekar that she is just threatening and is it just a joke.

Shekar replies the court can give her the custody after the incident of the bore well and there is even the case of the murder, Shekar informs Mohan was not proven innocent but got released due to lack of evidence. He informs this can go against them and even the case of their grandmother is really strong. Radha thinks that the uncle of Gungun are not nice people and why does her grandmother want her custody.

Kaveri in the room wonders why the grandmother of Gungun wants her custody suddenly, Damini explains nothing happens uncertainly, Rahul entering the door explains that he is going to tell them, he questions why Damini left in the middle of the night, she replies she went to meet her friends.

Rahul explains he did not know that the uncle of Gungun is her friend, Rahul shows her the video in which Damini mentions if Gungun comes to their house then it would provide them with the opportunity to get as much from Mohan as possible, and she assures it would not cause them ay sort of problem.,

Rahul asks them both to see the friendship of Damini and the uncle of Gungun. Damini tries to snatch it but Rahul explains there is a lot of difference between their heights, Kaveri also requests him to delete it. Damini threatens him when he mentions she must show him such attitude as it would take him just a moment to show this video to Mohan after which both would be thrown out of the house.

Kadambari explains that everyone saw how they brought Gungun out of the bore well, Shekar explains that it is still something which would cause a lot of problem for them, he mentions how their case is really weak. Kadambari cannot understand what is going on as she is always scared about any new enemy which is ready to hurt their family.

Rahul assures he would not show this video to anyone, mentioning her secret is safe with him. Damini inquires about the reason when she explains he hates her, Rahul mentions there are some people whom he hates even more in this house. Rahul replies he did not forget the day when Mohan humiliated him in front of the entire family but it was just because of Radha,

Damini thinks Rahul feels Radha was behind it all when in fact she played the game. Rahul explains they have a common enemy Radha, so both can be friends to ruin the reputation of Radha, as together it would be easy and completed soon. He offers to become her partner, Damini after thinking for a moment shakes her hand, Damini explains now they have joined their hands it would be easy to ruin Radha.

Kaveri explains now Mohan would be busy in protecting his daughter then why would he take care of her, Damini replies she never does anything without planning as Radha would surely try to cancel the function which she will not allow. Kadambari informs tomorrow is the function of Haldi, Mohan says there would not be any function as he is going to focus on saving his own daughter.

Radha also agrees with Mohan explaining they must take care of Gungun but Damini asks her to stay quiet since the function cannot stop. Tulsi exclaims she always thinks of herself. Damini mentions how she meant that by holding the function everyone would remain happy and even the social worker will see that Gungun is happy in this house, Shekar explains that Damini is right and if they see Gungun is happy with Damini then the case might turn in their favor, Ketki replies but Gungun hates Damini and she would never call Damini as her mother.

Mohan turning to Radha explains only she can do it as she must do anything in her power to convince Gungun so she calls Damini as her mother in front of the social worker, Damini thinks now the stones have turned, Mohan holds his hands in front of her pleading when she assures she would do everything in her power to convince Gungun so she calls Damini as her mother. Radha hesitantly starts walking away from Mohan,

Damini smiles seeing this situation so asks Radha what happened as she planned to stop this wedding but now would be forced to join it, the only thing which broke today was her dreams. Mohan says she must not think they forgot what happened here moments ago and she humiliated Radha. Damini replies she just got confused because of Gungun, Mohan asks if the confusion has ended now so she must apologize, Damini asks Mohan what is he saying when he demands her to apologize as this is what he desires. Damini apologizes in attitude. Mohan replies not like this and she must hold both of her hands in front of Radha. Damini hesitantly holds both of her hands in front of Radha apologize for her behavior. Kadambari also starts smiling.

Radha notices the anger so Kaveri exclaims they should let go of all those has happened, Radha asks Mohan jee to come as they have to convince Gungun, Damini gets even more furious.

Mohan turns back but then exclaims she is hiding here, he requests if he can also hide with her and even Radha mentions she wants to hide but Mohan explains there is not enough space. Radha says he must not speak English at this time. Mohan questions if a doll broke that is why she is making such faces. Gungun explains that her grandmother wants to take her to their house. Mohan mentions she must not take tension over such small things.

Gungun explains they reveal in the movies when someone comes with a lawyer it is over something very big, Mohan assures mentioning it is something big. Gungun holding his hands requests that he must not let her go since she wants to stay with her Grandmother, Ketki bua and Radha. She hugging Mohan exclaims she even wants to live with him so he must do something, Mohan explains no one has the power to take her away from him, Gungun also holds the hands of Radha.

Tulsi exclaims now she accepted she is the doll of Mohan and there is no chance for her to deny she loves her own father; Mohan assures she is a strong girl like her father. Mohan explains she just has to show that she is really happy in this house and do something else. Radha informs she would have to call Damini as her mother, Gungun recalls of all those moments when Damini hurt her and she even threw the photo of her real mother, Gungun turns to Mohan who is also really tensed.

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