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Qurbaan Hua 9th September 2021 Shlok and Dua are constantly creating havoc in the police station, Neel is looking at the evidence room, Chahat manages to come out without being noticed, she signals Alka that she has done her part so asks both the children to come down as the police would not leave their father until they have any solid proof, they must apologize as they will return with the proof, Chahat sees Neel so coming to him promises she would make sure he is freed from the charges filed against him, it is her promise.

Chahat comes out with Alka and the children revealing the dagger, Shlok exclaims they have found the proof, Alka asks him to speak with a slow noise, she asks Chahat to go back to the house with the children while she will take the dagger to the lab, Chahat thanks her however Aka questions why is she talking like this, Alka thinks of something after turning.

Chahat is in the room with Vyas je, explaining how she wished for two things today, amongst them one was that she manage to proof the innocence of Neel, and the second that Vyas je once again gets healthy, she recalls how he always treated her like his own daughter and even accepted her children as his grandchildren, she questions when he would actually return, apologizing for misbehaving with him when she lost her memory, she remembers all the times when she would perform the yoga with him, she once again wants to re live those moments, Chahat starts weeping so exclaims he needs to get healthy for all their sake, she asks if he is listening so assures she would make sure he is healthy.

Chahat hears the voice of Alka so thinks she would have surely come back with the reports, she needs to see what is written in them, Chahat questions why did it take her so long to come back, Alka replies she heard Aalekh talking with someone so was worried that he might get the reports changed so she herself went to collect them, Neel takes the reports however she is really shocked to realize the truth, Alka asks what happened when Chahat replies there are only one sets of prints on the dagger and they are of Neel, Alka exclaims that she feels it is the work of Aalekh as he was roaming around the lab.

Aalekh comes with the police asking them to come and see that Chahat in order to protect her husband from the custody brought the dagger from the evidence room, Alka exclaims Chahat has not done anything wrong but she wants to prove the innocent of Neel and so got the dagger tested, the police inspector questions then what was the findings of her report, Chahat mentions that the only finger prints belong to Neel, Aalkeh warns the police to fast track the investigation as Neel has murdered two people and one of them is his own father so they must punish him to hang till death, Chahat requests for some time however Aalekh sends them all away.
Aalekh questions what will Chahat do now as Vyas je is already half dead while Neel would not be able to come out of the jail, he mentions it is necessary for a man to be present in the house, she must not worry as he would always be with her to take care of the needs, Chahat slaps him, explaining how she is certain that he had something to do with the murder, he must wait till Neel and Vyas je come back as then she knows Neel would surely kill him, she would also not stop anyone from punishing him, Aalkeh vows on her father for not being involved in anything, he even vows to do everything possible to make sure that Neel doesnot come out of the jail.

Chahat in her room is sitting with the shirt of Neel in her hands, she recalls how she made him change his clothes for the dance competition, she exclaims what Allah wishes happens, she because of the belief sure that she would be able to bring him back form this trouble, she is now just praying about the recovery of Baba because he is the only one who can tell that happened last night.
Chahat hears Naveli and Bopho arguing, Bopho however exclaims he cannot bear this anymore so would not change his mind, Chahat comes so Naveli asks her to see what Bopho is doing because he has decided to go and accept, he killed Zain and fired the bullet at Vyas je.

Bopho exclaims he considers Neel to be his elder brother because he was always there for him at the times of need, Naveli also mentions that Bopho is right because Neel was always by her side when her mother left her, he has always tried to protect her, she would take the blame and consider it her penance for all the wrong which she did in the past, Naveli turns to leave however Chahat stops them both hugging them, she makes them promise to never leave her assuring that they would find the real culprit and bring back Neel but if they leave her side then she would not be able to remain strong and needs their help, Bopho explains that they would be able to prove it when Vyas je regains his consciousness, Chahat mentions there is a way because if they reveal the news that Vyas je is conscious then the culprit might get scared and come to finish the job, they will catch him during the act. She asks them to make sure there is not even a single problem.

In the night the entire family is preparing when Godambari comes questioning what is happening so why are they preparing for the waking up rituals as Vyas je is ill, Aalekh exclaims it is really nice that they have decided to pray that Neel doesnot get the punishment however they are wrong, Chahat comes saying that this would not be of any use because Vyas je is conscious now so would surely be able to reveal the truth, Aalekh exclaims he would go and meet him but Chahat stops him saying that he is still really weak, the medicines which she is giving him would make him healthy really soon, she asks Bopho to pray that he gets healthy really soon, while she would also pray for him, Aalekh exclaims that the pooja has a lot of divine power in it.

The Dhiani family is performing the ritual when Aalekh thinks that if Vyas je gets healthy then Neel would come out of the jail, this cannot happen so Vyas je must die, Chahat is also performing the prayer, she prays that their plan succeed and the real culprit gets caught, she hears the foot steps of someone arriving so gets worried.

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