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Qurbaan Hua 2nd September 2021 Chahat thinks that this ring was not even coming off and suddenly now fell by itself, Neel is being beaten by the goons when Chahat thinks that she would not be able to rest until she sees that Neel is fine, Zain orders them to throw Neel in the river as he is not in the condition to swim.

Sometime earlier Chahat is sitting when she tries to remove her hairs, Neel helps her so she is left stunned, he once again starts applying the Hena, she starts day dreaming that they bothy are dancing, she is also really happy with him and so enjoy a lot, she doesnot feel irritated, at all but then wakes up from her dream, she is smiling but realizes she is sitting on the stage, Chahat wonders why does it feel she is doing something wrong as why does she see his face whenever she closes her eyes, Neel is writing the name which angers Zain who questions why did he dare write the letter of his name on it, he is about to punch Neel but he stops Zain questioning why does he not see it properly as he wrote his name, Zain says that he understands his tactics, but he would remove anything before the colour darkens, Chahat however stops Zain questioning why is he seeing N when Neel has written Z, hearing this Zain is stunned, Bopho signals Neel to come outside so he leaves.

Chahat thinks why she does not want to remove the N of his name even when she is getting married to Zain, Bopho explains that Neel was right as the mobile is still in the house so Neel thinks that they have to make Chahat call on this number and when it rings in the pocket of Zain, she would find out the truth, Alka hiding in the corner thinks she has to reveal the news to Zain otherwise she would not be able to marry Neel, she rushes to find Zain.

Zain in the room is instructing the worker to first decorate the room, he sends them to find the correct color, Alka coming questions how selfish is he because he did not even think of helping even when he knows the only reason he is in the house is because of her, Zain says that he removed Chahat from the life of Neel what else does she want him to do, Shlok comes saying Maa is calling him however Zain leaves warning Shlok to never call her maa ever again.

Bopho and Naveli come to Chahat, he explains that Neel wants to give her a special gift and wants to end all the problems with Dr Baig, Chahat gets really excited saying this is the most opportune moment because she always wanted to end the difference in the religions, she tries calling it however the mobile number is busy.

Neel asks Bopho to give him the mobile, he starts chasing the car and eventually manages to stop it, he is shocked to see that it is someone else, so apologizes to the person who leaves, Neel then gets a call from Zain who mentions that Neel made a good plan to expose him but he found out, Neel asks how did he come to know, Zain replies it is because he keeps both his eyes and ears open so knows of all the plans, Neel challenges saying that He would make sure that he loses this competition as he did not see that while chasing the car he went out of Devpriagh so by the time he would return it would be too late.

Chahat is standing when the ring suddenly drops and she feels worried wondering how it came off wondering if this a sign from her mother, she starts worrying about Neel while he is being beaten by the goons send by Zain, they take Neel inside the old storage, Neel gets unconscious.

Chahat comes to Naveli and Shlok asking if they have seen Neel, Shlok is about to reveal that he went to stop the bad guy, but Naveli stops her, Ghazala takes Chahat from them both saying that she needs to get ready for her Nikkah.

Naveli explains to Vyas je and Bopho that Chahat was getting worried, Bopho assures that Neel would surely bring Zain back from the tracker, they are however shocked to see Zain in the house, Vyas je then questions him about the location of Neel, Bopho in anger rushes to question him but he is pushed back, Vyas je then stops him and so Zain leaves with his men.

Ghazala comes to zain exclaiming she has gotten irritated with this girl as even on her Nikkah day she is still talking about Neel, Zain assures that he would not be able to stop this wedding as he would surely get into a Nikkah with Chahat and take her far away from this place, Ghazala exclaims she knows that Neel would surely find Chahat wherever he takes her, Zain exclaims he would search for them if he is alive, he calls his men asking them to show Ghazala the condition of Neel, she is stunned to see he is unconscious, Neel then orders them to throw Neel in the river as then he would be dead.

Vyas je is with Naveli asking why it is taking so long for Bopho to come back, Boho comes running saying that he was not able to find Neel, they have found his mobile and bike, Vyas je prays exclaiming that he would surely have to work to end this marriage.
Chahat is sitting in the room when Vyas je comes, she asks about Neel, he replies that Neel is giving a test and would not be able to come, he then asks if Zain succeeded in her test, she explains that she is still going through a challenge as she doesnot know what to do, Vyas je explains she must not marry him just for the sake of a promise but must consider what she feels in her heart, Vyas je replies he is also her father and would never want anything wrong to happen to her, when her father would know he would not be able to live in peace, he doesnot even see any love for Zain, Ghazala comes saying he has once again come to deviate her from this path, Vyas je replies that he is her father so it is his duty to show her the right path, Ghazala replies that Chahat would surely marry Zain for the sake of her father while he should leave, Vyas je signals her to not marry Zain, Ghazala asks Chahat to get ready as the Qari Sahab is about to come. Chahat prays that Neel remain safe.

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