Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th October 2022 Episode starts with Ahilya and Khanderao going to the village. Harku praises Ahilya. She says I will make the kids ready to celebrate Diwali. She goes. Rakma says I won’t sit quiet, I have to do something now. Dushyant and Shambu go to some room.

Dushyant says Nima has made his workplace here, find out some proof, we have to give it to Ahilya. Dushyant stands at the door. Shambu takes all the herbs from Nima’s table. Dushyant sees Nima coming. He says Nima is coming, what shall we do. Nima enters the room. He sees the cloth removed from the herbs bowls. He looks around. Dushyant and Shambu hide. Nima leaves. Dushyant says we got saved today.

Shambu says we will give the herbs to Ahilya when she comes. Ahilya says you have done preparations well. Groom’s dad says yes, our bahu is coming home. She says sure, Var dakshina is ready as you demanded.

Khanderao presents the Var dakshina. Ganesh gives it to the groom’s dad. Ahilya asks groom’s dad to see the Laxmi first and count it. Groom’s dad says I trust you. She says even then check it once, villagers should be assured that their money is used well. Groom’s dad says Laxmi Maa is coming home as Dhanlaxmi to my house on Diwali today. She says yes, even then check it once. He checks the ordinary metal coins. Rakma sees the kids playing. She says Mukta, Gautama is calling you.

She sends Mukta. Malerao says I have made this Diwali fort, its strong, this will become our Rajya’s capital, we will also stay in this fort. She says but there are three rooms here. He says yes, just for family. She asks what about Ramjani’s room, if Ahilya and Khanderao fight, then he will go to Ramjani.

He asks but who is Ramjani. She says she is an artist, she sings, dances and gives time to your dad, she doesn’t argue like your mum. He says but dad is getting away from us. She says you talk to your dad then, or meet her, maybe you also like her, your dad likes her a lot.

Groom’s dad checks all the coins. The villagers say we have given good coins, how did the coins get stains. Groom’s dad says all these coins have black stains on it. Ahilya says no, its cursed, when money comes home by hurting someone’s heart, then that money gets a curse alone, just pain and sorrow comes home.

Khanderao says these coins came from every house of Malwa, everyone gave the coins, but their wish and blessing aren’t in it, same way a bride’s dad gives Var dakshina by selling his house, business and identity, but not by his wish, his heart and soul get broken. She asks them to look at this bride, she is so beautiful, she is so talented and hardworking, if she comes in your house, then she will get happiness,

but if she comes by ruining her dad’s future, then can she come with positivity and good thoughts, tell me. She says Var dakshina is every bride’s right, sons have a right on a dad’s property, when bride gets married, her share is given to her as Var dakshina, it’s a shagun to show love, a daughter spreads happiness in her dad’s house, she should spread happiness in her husband’s house too,

it’s a nice pure thought but we have stained it, you tell me, what happiness will this money give you if you force them. Khanderao asks groom’s dad to look at everyone and say. He brings a Kaka and says he sold his house and fields for his daughter’s marriage, his daughter got married, since that day, he is crying, but he didn’t curse anyone, but Lord is seeing everything, he settles scores, people can fill their lockers,

but never get happiness in life. Ahilya brings an old lady and says look at her, she has sold her assets and gave everything to her daughter, she has nothing left to give in her second daughter’s marriage, choose any face in this crowd, ask the men if they have given Var dakshina by their wish. The people get sad.

Ahilya says we could have forced you to get your son married, we can still do this with you, but I want the change to happen from heart, a daughter should go with esteem to her Sasural that her husband didn’t trouble her dad, she should get positivity in her Sasural, at the time of my marriage, Malhar didn’t take var dakshina. Khanderao says I m proud to say this, Ahilya has made our house bright,

we can’t imagine our family without her. Ahilya says you have to decide it now, you want Var dakshina or not. Groom refuses to get Var dakshina. He says I want a wife, a life partner, life will get happy with her support. Groom’s dad says but I want Var dakshina, even if its one coin given by a true heart. Everyone smiles. He says I m groom’s dad, I won’t leave the shagun.

He makes Ganesh wear his pagdi. Everyone claps. Groom’s dad says forgive me, I insulted Laxmi. Ganesh hugs him. Groom’s dad thanks Ahilya. He says I couldn’t understand respect, its good you have explained me. Khanderao says you have killed the Raavan in your heart and gave a new meaning to this Diwali, happy Diwali. Groom’s dad says no, my repentance is not over,

Raavan is still alive in the fathers of the grooms, who insulted the bride’s fathers. Ahilya asks all of them to complete the incomplete work, kill their inner Raavan, it’s a festive day of justice winning over injustice. Tukoji and Gangoba agree with her. Khanderao says I declare that no one will force the bride’s father for Vardakshina, just shagun of one coin will be taken, else that person will be a culprit to get punished. Everyone chants Ahilya’s name. She smiles.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Khanderao gives the sweets to everyone. Ramjani comes and asks for prasad. Malerao asks who is she. Rakma says she is Ramjani.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
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