Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Khanderao getting a rose for Ahilya. She asks what are you hiding. He says I thought you are still upset with me, what happened. She asks what happened to you, why are you showing love, I know you are hurt by the mistake, don’t try to hide it from me, I m your wife, I will know it anyhow, why would I be upset, I want your support.

He says I supported you in Ganesh’s matter. She says no, you didn’t, you thought you took my side to please me, you took your side. He says I would have got the marriage done at sword point today. She explains him that truth has to be strong to change thinking. He says not everyone has a problem in Malwa.

She says you aren’t told everything, I m telling you what I have seen. She recalls meeting the villagers, and knowing their problems. She says we have to stop the bad custom of Var dakshina, so that the people don’t suffer. Mukta comes and hugs him. She says this fight isn’t just for Ganesh’s daughter, but for our daughter and every daughter of this Rajya.

Rakma asks what was the need to get emotional in front of a dancer. Dwarka says she has esteem, she can’t be bought by money, we can melt her by emotions, now she will go close to Khanderao, and make him away from Ahilya. Indumati asks Ramjani will this be right. Ramjani says love is other name of worship, I won’t let my worship get ashamed. Khanderao and Tukoji talk about the mission.

Tukoji says I will leave for Delhi after Bhaidooj. Tukoji asks do you think the king will accept your condition. Khanderao says I m sure, don’t worry. The man gets a gift from Ramjani. Khanderao gets the betel/paan and dagger. The man says she invited you for the Mehfil, just pick the betel leaf. Khanderao takes the betel leaf. Tukoji says I will leave. Khanderao goes to meet Ramjani and eats the betel leaf.

Dwarka says we have to complete this move. Malerao comes. Ahilya sends the guards, asking them to spread the news. Mukta asks did your work end or not. Malerao comes and says this is the reason, Khanderao stopped coming here, he doesn’t like to stay in the palace, he went to the guest room, we aren’t getting our dad because of you, we won’t come here. She asks him to listen, leave Mukta. Malerao takes Mukta with him.

Dwarka and Rakma look on. Dwarka says poor Ahilya, she is sorting Var dakshina issue and suffering in her life. The guards go out to the village and ask every family to contribute two coins in Ganesh’s daughter’s marriage, else they will get punished. The villagers ask why shall we give the coins. Malhar and Gautama pray. Kids come. Mukta wishes Malhar for Diwali. Malhar kisses her and wishes her.

He asks Malerao why are you upset. Malerao says I wanted to wish you first like every year, but she wished you. Gautama says Mukta is also growing. Malerao wishes Malhar and hugs him. Malhar blesses. Mukta asks why do we celebrate Diwali. Gangoba says I don’t think you will get free soon, permit me to leave. He leaves. Gautama says I will also go and do some work in the palace. Malhar says Diwali is a symbol of victory of good over evil, truth over lies, and justice over injustice.

Malhar meets Ahilya and Gangoba in the darbar. Gangoba says the people will get dissatisfied. Malhar asks are you sure that you will achieve the goals this way. Ahilya says yes, I trust the goodness in people, it will happen as we want. Tukoji comes. Ahilya asks did you talk to groom’s dad.

He says yes, I told him how we are arranging the funds, he said he doesn’t care about it, he just wants the money. Ahilya says Khanderao and I will go to him with that money, one person from that donating family should be there, Ganesh’s daughter will marry in that house. Everyone lights Diwali. Ahilya says everyone makes a new start by forgetting past issues, I wish everyone was happy.

Harku wishes them. They wish Harku and Rakma. Nima looks on. Ahilya says make the kids ready until I come back, they are much excited. Harku asks her not to worry. Nima says you weren’t fine yesterday, so I was worried. Ahilya says he is fine now. Nima says medicine… She says Rajvaid refused, he said Khanderao can’t take anything else than the medicine he has given for two days. Khanderao says she is right. She looks at Nima.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahilya explains the groom’s dad and asks him to change from his heart. The groom refuses for the var dakshina. His dad says but I want this.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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