Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21st January 2022 Episode starts with Shyam ji getting shocked seeing Malhar at the door. Malhar catches him. He scolds Shyam ji for the cheat.

He says you are risking my people’s life for your greed, I knew it, so I have sent my people to check the village places, you have no right to stay alive, you will get a death sentence. He asks guards to take Shyam ji. Shyam ji takes a sword and stares at Malhar. He attacks Malhar. Malhar stabs a knife and kills him.

Its morning, Gautama does Malhar’s aarti. She says you have solved the epidemic problem and caught the culprit in one day, its a big victory. Everyone smiles. Tukoji comes and says pure grains and getting distributed in Limbodi now.

Gangoba says it happened because of Malhar’s smartness. Malhar says I don’t think this problem ended by its root, the culprit died, but Shyam ji knew about the two places where the raid will happen, so he came at the main godown, it means someone has informed Shyam ji, someone is here who was helping Shyam ji.

Dhana ji says we had taken many soldiers along, maybe Shyam ji got to know it from one of them, I don’t think its any conspiracy. Malhar nods. Dhana ji thinks its good if Malhar believes this, then Dhaneshwar’s matter will also end. Gautama asks Malhar to take some rest, he was awake all night. He says I will be healthy when my people are fine and bless me. Guard comes. He says Ahilya has come. They all smile.

Ahilya meets Malhar and Gautama. Gautama says Brahman puja ended soon. Ahilya says I got havan for two days and kept a fast, I had broken the fast after Brahman puja, I had sworn, everything happened by all the rituals and before time, so I came back.

Malhar says she has won everyone’s heart there, its a good sign, Malwa’s Dharm peeth will change their opinion about you. Gautama asks her to take rest, no need to discuss Rajya matters. She says the problem got solved, you had a doubt that Dhaneshwar isn’t the culprit, but its proved now, he got a chance to run away but he came back to bear his punishment, he wants to repent his sins.

Malhar says she is saying right, there is one day left, is there any proof for his innocence, then matter will be different, else we decided the punishment already, are you understanding. Ahilya says yes, justice will happen even this time.

Gautama plays the shank. She says Gangoba got this good news, Khanderao has won in the Rajputana mission, he is coming back in two days. Malhar says its really a good news, Khanderao won once again, he made me proud once again, I m proud of him, this mission wasn’t easy. Gautama says he proved that he is deserving to become the heir.

He says everyone will praise him now, I m feeling so proud. She gets sweets for everyone. She says one feels proud when a son is praised for his capabilities.

She says Ahilya, Khanderao is coming back, he will handle the Rajya and you handle the family, Malwa and Holkar family don’t need to worry now, you would be happy right hearing about his success. Ahilya says I m very happy, its a matter of pride for me. Gautama says its a thing of happiness for a wife. Malhar says even a husband should feel proud of his wife. Gautama says I don’t want to argue with you, I m happy today, a vehicle runs on two wheels, they balance the load, if both wheels get on one side,

then balance gets out. Harku says we are just busy in talks, we should plan a Jashan. Malhar says we will plan the Jashan, begin the preparations. Gautama says we will first have haldi kumkum and then plan the Jashan. Gautama says Khanderao will give us many chances to celebrate, he will fix everything, no need to worry for anything. She praises her son. She says I m very happy today. She goes.

Ahilya calls Sarja. She asks do you know any Dhaneshwar in the village. Sarja says no, I m born in this village, I don’t know anyone by Dhaneshwar, I know everyone in this village. Ahilya says then you can do this work, will you do. Sarja nods. Gautama and Harku give sweets to the guards.

Harku says I didn’t find you so happy before, what’s special. Gautama says yes, Khanderao always had to share the victory credit with Ahilya, but today he has got the entire credit, so I m very happy. Ahilya comes to meet Dhaneshwar. She gets sweets for him. He says I m not hungry. She gives him the prasad.

She says you have to face the Lord who gave you this life, why are you doing this, I don’t see any crime shadow in your eyes, why are you lying. He says I did this crime. She asks really, how can you get the tax by stealing the official stamp. He says I did this. She says tell me, why are you doing this, I promise you won’t be in trouble, tell me the truth.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhairav gives money to the lady and says none should know Dhaneshwar’s truth. Ahilya catches him.

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Telecast Date:21st January 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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