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Pratigya 2 21st July 2021 Pratigya is waiting for Krishna in the restaurant. He comes there. Pratigya smiles and says I knew you would come. She asks him to sit down. Krishna says you don’t have to do anything. Pratigya says I have to. She goes on the stage and says I will present something special for my friend Krishna. She re-enacts her marriage with Krishna. Then their life together, how Sumitra poisoned Pratigya and made her believe that she is going to die, then how Pratigya pretended to have an affair with Adarsh. Krishna looks at the act and recalls all the flashbacks.

Kesar and Adarsh help Pratigya with the play. Pratigya re-enacts how Krishna found out and left his family. He was leaving with Pratigya but they had an accident. Krishna screams Pratigya as he recalls all the memories. Krishna recalls how Pratigya kept trying to bring his memory back. Krishna rushes to Pratigya and hugs her. He cries and says I remember everything now, I am really sorry. You had to bear so much because of me. Pratigya cries and says don’t say sorry, I knew I would get my Krishna back. I think I am dreaming that you are back. Krishna says your Krishna is standing with you. Kesar and Adarsh smile seeing them.

In the house, Sumitra tells Meera that all preparations are done so call Krishna. Meera comes to Krishna’s room but there are pillows on the bed. Meera says he fooled me like this, he left to meet Pratigya. Meera rushes to the family and says Krishna is not in his room. Sajjan says then where is he? Krishna enters the house holding Pratigya’s hand. All look on. Pratigya is wearing her mangalsutra and sindoor. Meera shouts at Pratigya how dare you hold my husband’s hand? She tries to snatch her mangalsutra but Krishna pushes her and says how dare you try to touch my Pratigya? Stay away from her, I am respecting you as a woman otherwise I would bury you right here.

Sajjan says what happened to you? Sumitra says who has trapped you? Since when did Pratigya become your wife. Krishna says right, she is not my wife? Did everyone lose their memory here? You don’t remember? I will tell you now.. this Pratigya.. she is my wife. My babu.. those kids.. they are my kids. Garv and Kriti smile. Krishna says Garv and Kriti are my kids. He goes to them and hugs them tightly. Pratigya is in tears seeing that. Adarsh and Kesar come there and smile seeing them together. Sumitra tells Krishna that you might remember some memories but these are all lies. Krishna says okay, I can agree with you, maybe it’s all a lie and only you are saying the truth? That’s what you want to hear right? It’s paining me to see that you are such a selfish mother.

You tried to kill Pratigya, faked her cancer, tried to separate us all the time.. all that is a lie? Only you are a good person? Do you want me to separate from my family? You have poisoned my life. Sumitra cries and says don’t say that. Krishna says should I make you count all the bad things you did? I can’t even say what you have done. This is my family. All should be happy that I got my memory back but you all look so sad. I don’t need enemies when I have a mother like you. How could you see your son in so much pain? Didn’t you think about telling me the truth? First, you tried to kill Pratigya but then you took my advantage of my memory loss, my kids lived like orphans and you didn’t say a word to me? You are the worst mother in the world.

You were trying to change my wife but I should have changed my mother. Sajjan says look at things from her side. Krishna says that’s my mistake, I listened to you both, you both hated Pratigya so much. You tried to kill Pratigya.. this is Sajjan Singh and this is his family. Komal says I am not an enemy, this mother.. Krishna says enough, you didn’t care that your brother was in pain, I fought for you with everyone, I got you everything you wanted, I got you married to the one that you liked but you didn’t think I should reunite with Pratigya? I was so confused but you didn’t think to help me? Just don’t say a word. He comes to Adarsh and says you knew everything, you were Pratigya’s friend, she was fighting alone but you didn’t help her?

He comes to Meera and says what should I even tell you? When my family was lying to me then how can I say anything to a stranger? Meera cries and says please. She tries to hug him but he says don’t you dare touch me. Meera says you are my everything Krishna ji, I have given my everything to you, I love you a lot. Krishna says you love me? You took away my happiness, you were not like this then what happened to you? You are a cheater. You kept trying to pretend like my wife even if Pratigya was back? Weren’t you scared of what I would do with you once I get my memory back?


Pratigya 2 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sumitra screams that I hate this Pratigya and I always will. Krishna shouts then listen to me, your son is dead now. My family is just my wife and kids. I won’t stay with you people now. He leaves with Pratigya and his kids.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2021
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